Your Search for Quality and Safe Resin Casting and Clay Modeling Products Ends Here

Casting is a beautiful art of making attractive figurines, ornaments, candles, candy and soaps to even lifecasts of the live, human body. This fine art requires top quality casting and molding materials like resin casting, latex casting, silicone rubber, clay modeling, waxes, alignates and moulages and so on. But sourcing healthy and safe supplies is a persistent dilemma for professional sculptors, amateurs and hobbyists alike.

EnvironMolds LLC in Summit, New Jersey is the answer to your prayers as it offers a comprehensive array of skin-safe, user-safe and environmentally-safe casting and molding products for every kind of lifecasting or general casting projects.

The company website hosts an ample range of high quality polyurethane casting resins which are safe, strong, odor free and also resistant to water, oil, chemicals and even abrasions. For instance, the Jewelry-R-Rezin is a professional grade formula useful for jewelry making and encapsulation. You can opt for Environmolds’ Pourable Casting Resin or KastEZ Resin for making casts of both rigid and flexible molds for point-of-purchase displays, rapid prototypes, special effects, and sculpture reproductions. Think no further than the UV resistant and non-yellowing Aqua Clear for making beautiful lifecasts. It will successfully capture intricate details like fingerprints, skin pores and even texture!

For clay modeling, there is the premium grade Roma Plasticina for professional sculptors (white and grey-green colors) to the non-sulfured NSP in green color. Roma No. 1 ballistic clay is the industry standard and serves as the backing material for testing body armor. Apart from these oil-based, non-hardening options, there are regular water-based clays for wall pieces and other ceramic work.

The most beautiful lifecasts still look incomplete without a name plate specifying the details of the art piece. EnvironMolds offers two kinds of elegant engraved name plates in low luster brass finish. One is fixed with two nails – one on either end, and the other uses an adhesive backing. There are 4 standard sizes – A25, A30, A35 and A45 and artists can choose between square and rounded corners. For the text part, there is an option of 3 lines to announce the title of the cast, date and name of artist. The lettering is done in oxidized black for maximum contrast and customers can choose from 3 stylish typefaces.

The offerings don’t end here. EnvironMolds is dedicated to providing a complete range of high quality casting supplies and equipment at the most attractive prices. There are release agents, bandages, ceramics, gloves, mixers and what not. It also serves as a learning center with books, DVDs and even workshops.

Little wonder then that artists, sculptors and enthusiasts from over 14 countries around the world flock here for safe art supplies!

Environ Molds has been manufacturing and distributing superior quality art supplies throughout the world.

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