You Should Understand Disease Ahead and Do the Psychological Preparation

Core Tip: Menopause causes of depression factors to lead to menopause are more complex. Expect for physiological changes, it also has very close relationship with the social, family and psychological. From a clinical pathogenesis point of view, prevention menopausal depression should follow aspects:


You should understand disease ahead and do the psychological preparation.


You should understand the etiology of the disease correctly and understand its clinical manifestations. If you have psychological preparation, it laid a good foundation to prevent the occurrence of the disease. If you have such symptoms later, you will not nervous.


You should deal with the family and social relations well.


Menopausal women are excitable on emotion, which is easy to conflict with their families. This requires that we understand each other. When you encounter something, you should calm down.


Family harmony is happiness for the whole family, but also an important factor in preventing this disease. Menopausal women not only should adapt to the family, but also should adapt to society. For some phenomenon in society, they should have a correct understanding. If you do not understand, you should exchanges views with others.


You should create colorful life.


Most menopausal women are approaching retirement, and some have been retired or laid off at home, so they have the heavy thinking and there is always a sense of loss. At this time, you should arrange the life well and increase some hobbies fish farming, gardening, painting, board games, and music and so on. It only can increase the spice of life, but also maintain good brain function, which can enhance physical and mental health and the prevention of this disease is of great benefit.


Reasonable arrangements for physical exercise are necessary.


Physical activity can promote metabolism and enhance the physiology of the organs in order to improve physical fitness, at the same time, it can improve the ability to adapt to unexpected events. You should choose a small amount of exercise such as tai chi, swordsmanship, jogging, walking and so on, which could make patients get the joys from the motion to forget the troubles and misfortune. It is a great benefit to prevent this disease.


You should face negative life events.


For the menopausal women, it is very important to correctly deal with unexpected events, such as widowhood, family farewell, illness and so on. At this time, you should calm down.


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