You Should Pay Attention to the Public Toilet

Go to the toilet should be a relaxed pleasant thing. However, when you saw the toilet, you tend to worry about whether the seat is health or not; When you are comfortable, The eater splashed in all directions make you embarrassment and helplessness, but also worry about unclean water will “contaminated” your privacy . For many females, the troubles of toilet make them embarrassed. Especially for public toilet, some women worry about they will be infected by diseases, so that they used a circle of paper towels to put on the toilet, they can pee. Even someone regard the toilet as a squat directly, and latecomers had to follow the path of the former, which make them awkward and helpless.


The dirty toilet could transmissible vaginitis.


Does the toilet really spread vaginitis and other diseases?


According to understandings, many families used the toilet seat, just like as the hotel, airport and other public places also have the seat toilet. Experts point out that public toilet seats can also cause the spread of vaginitis, especially the vaginitis was caused by the caused by Trichomonas and Candida albicans, which is more common. Due to the public toilet is used by many people, sexually transmitted disease, the patient’s buttocks, genitals and underwear pathogenic original can through contaminated toilet cushion to others. Treponema pallidum, Candida albicans, pubic lice, scabies mites can stay falls from the patient toilet cushion, it may be infected if a short time another board toilet, contact cushion. It has been determined Gonococci toilet cushion can survive for 18 hours, Trichomonas vaginalis can survive for six hours in a semi-arid environment. Thus, we could not ignore the toilet seat to spread disease.


In order to care for you own health, experts recommend in the public, you should try to use the squat toilets, do not choose a toilet seat, or choose a disposable toilet seat.


If it is a formal public places which could ensure sterilization and cleansing, you do not have to worry too much. Of course, you should have awareness of self-protection. At first, you should develop a good habit to wash hands before you are going to the toilet, because of sexually transmitted diseases may spread to other parts of the body. If you rub your eyes with contaminated hands, eyes will be suffering from gonorrhea. If conditions were permitted, you can use a disposable toilet gasket.


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