You Should Let Others to Understand Your Advantages

The young man who’s my neighbor’s son has graduated from college more than a year. He stays home all day to rely on the two thousand Yuan of his old mother to live. Mother advised his son, said: “when you are young, you should go out and get a job.”


Who can know his son said: “my knowledge is enough; I am he horse thousands of miles. It is an easy thing for me to find a job. Now, I stay home and not looking for work, just waiting for my talent scout to find me to please I go to work! ”


Next door sister culture is not high, but the son said, only Wang Zi sighed.


Mr. Zhou is a recently retired cadre. At normal day, he likes to cellar and taste the liquor, so he could to be called as the expert. That day, Zhou pleases the young man to his house. He pointed to his collection of wine, said: “These wines are my years of careful collection, and today both of us can have a drink, but drink which bottle, it deeps on you to choose.” Then, he picked up a bottle of wine with sealed packaging intact and gave young people. Young people do not see this wine is good or bad and could not smell the taste of wine, so he had to shake his head. The old man picked up another bottle of wine with sealed packaging intact and handed young, young people still do not distinguish the quality of sake, but also could not smell the aroma of wine, so he had again refused.


The old man thought for a moment and said: “You can choose the one what you want to drink!”


At this time, young people pick up from a corner with a bottle of wine bursts of fragrance floating without hesitate, based on his sense of smell, he sense that this is a bottle of good wine.


Seeing this, the old man was eloquently said: “In fact, this collection of house wine is all good wine. I opened the cap beforehand, wine aroma drifted out to lead to you pay attention.”


Young people seem to understand what it is. The next day, he quietly went out to look for a job.


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