You Need To Know the Knowledge about Travel Safety

China has many famous scenic spots, as well as retains the original natural landscape of plateaus, and valleys, these places are frequently patronized by tourists. In recent years, it is popular that people go to the western highlands and mountain to enjoy away from the secular hubbub and return to the natural life, even many people drive together from the east to the western highlands. Even in front of the house, there are also many mountains for people to climb on holidays. Therefore, understanding the mountain tourism safety precautions is necessary to prepare for your trip.


At first, you must determine the line. Most mountain tourist attractions have mountaineering channel of artificial development, if you walk down these roads, if possible, avoid deviation from the main road, and generally it is not dangerous. But if you are ready to go to an undeveloped mountain travel or by car to the western highlands, you must first determine the route. Although the satellite positioning system in the main national highway and major cities can do your wise old birds, in a remote mountainous area, you do not put all of your own lives and property to give a machine, because a detailed road map will give your journey without trouble.


Furthermore, you had better understand the local pressure. Usually, before people travel, they will be through various channels to understand the customs of the destination, as well as climate and environment, and planned to carry clothing and medicines. This is necessary. With increasing altitude, the air becomes thin, the pressure can also be reduced, the body’s blood vessels expand, blood flow accelerates, the blood pressure will increase, and therefore blood pressure, heart disease or chronic headache patients will correspondingly be increased. Scientists have discovered that arthritis will become more severe with increasing pressure. Therefore, if you decide to go hiking, you must first understand the local pressure in order to determine your height can reach up to.


Moreover, you must understand local geological environment. Due to the geological structure of the artificial over-exploitation caused by soil relaxation, some mountainous areas are prone to landslides and other disaster. Therefore, before your travel, you may want to know in advance the local recent climate change and geological conditions. If the recent earthquake, volcanic activities are frequent or in the rainy season, you should consider whether to travel there, although the scenery is beautiful there, security is still the most important.


In addition, a good guide can make your travel more effective. You can both enjoy the beautiful scenery and can also ensure safety.


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