You Need Rest after Working over Ninety Minutes

The road of work is far away not only consumes time and energy, but also will cause anxiety, and in which one third of the people will have psychological problems. And stress and anxiety is not only reflected in the work, according to a study in Sweden, one of the couple, such as work road is over 45 minutes, and then the divorce rate is up to 40 percent, which is obvious in the first married five years.


The most recent data of World Health Organization show that the risk of mental illness is rising around the world, one of the most common is anxiety, and depression, which is plaguing approximately 120 million people around the world. A survey shows that in China, occupational population in China, more than 50% of populations have varying degrees of depression and anxiety symptoms. Besides, commute time-consuming brings to the workplace people part of the anxiety belonging to the working environment of anxiety, and experts say this causes the psychological pressure increases, worse sleep, and reduce social activities.


Moreover, the psychological service organizations have also said that in fact, workplace anxiety is from a number of aspects. The first is from the work itself, especially in large cities, the crowd working in large enterprises, there is competition between peers, colleagues, and each enterprise has its own performance indicators, but due to market saturation or the decision-making itself, employees feel that make further efforts but cannot do anything, so they will feel a lot of pressure.


Furthermore, the interpersonal stress from the workplace and disharmony values is another kind of pressure to employees. From the staff’s own personality characteristics, the personality of some people may be more pessimistic, once they are encountered criticism, they will be very uncomfortable. In addition, experts also found that some interns and graduating students on their own position are not accurate, and lack of reasonable career goals, so they will be completely lost.


In addition, another anxiety and pressure source cannot be ignored is family and life. If the workaholic types of employees ignored the parent-child relationship, husband-wife relationship, so that cause a conflict, it may affect the work efficiency.


To make matters worse, the negative emotions of the individual will spread in the office like flu. For businesses, it will undoubtedly become the ultimate victims of the employees who are not in the state. In fact, between pressure and performance, health, there is an inverted U-shaped curve, before the critical value, the proper pressure can increase the performance, but behind the critical value, it will diminish the performance and health.


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