You May Not Know the Four Hazards of the Chewing Gum

In our daily lives, we all love to chew gums to freshen breath. Even a lot of girls think that chewing gum can lose weight. However, studies have shown that chewing gum not only cannot lose weight, and will sharpen our hunger, resulting in obesity, and can also cause severe abdominal distension, diarrhea, and other issues. Now I will share four hazards of chewing gum with you in the following.


First of all, more chew gum, the more hungry you will be. I believe everyone has had this experience, if you are hungry or before meals, chewing gum for a long time also allows you to produce a sense of hunger. And this hunger is different from the usual, which make you cannot stand it and you have to eat something immediately. This is due to a long time to chew gum to reflex secretion of a large number of gastric acids, but also increase in digestive enzymes. So you will have the hunger with nausea, anti-acidic water, especially for people with stomach disease.


Second, chewing gum will cause bloating. Chewing gum will increase saliva secretion, make oral in long-term state of high metabolism, secrete too much unnecessary saliva on the body is actually no beneficial, but if you like to chew in the outdoors, it will allow your stomach coming into a lot of air, causing abdominal distension, which is very hard to accept.


Third, chewing gum can damage teeth. A lot of chewing gum damages to your teeth, if it is a mint flavor, often chewing will damage the oral mucosa, because if is corrosive. And often a lot of chewing movement will make your chewing muscles are more developed, leading to larger face.


Fourth, the side effects of chewing gum contain diarrhea or obesity. Some people or some advertising said that general chewing gum can lead to tooth decay, and chewing gum containing xylitol has the effect of caries prevention. Therefore, many people only buy the chewing gum containing xylitol. However, experts have pointed out that the effect of xylitol has been exaggerated, and exists the misunderstanding of use. And even long-term excessive consumption can also have side effects such as diarrhea, obesity, and xylitol is forbidden to the people suffering from insulin-induced hypoglycemia.


In addition, long-term chewing gum not only will make the masticatory muscles of the face always in a state of tension, but also secrete large amounts of acid, easy to damage on the stomach. So, we should master the chewing time and amount.


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