Yoga teachers need liability coverage

No matter which branch or specialty area of yoga instruction you happen to work within, the services you provide for clients compose the basis for your career. For yoga instructors, the business side of the profession is exchanging these services for money. Much like any other business, yoga teachers should protect their practices with yoga instructor insurance.

In fact, professions such as yoga instruction may be among those career fields that could be especially prone to liability claims, and therefore, especially in need of yoga teacher liability insurance. This is because, as a professional yoga teacher, you are more likely to be doing one on one, physical work with individual clients, many of whom may be attempting to recover from some kind of chronic pain or injury.


This seems to increase the odds that a client could believe that an exacerbation of his or her current chronic pain or injury may be due to something that took place during an appointment with the yoga teacher, or due to following a protocol or using a product provided by the yoga teacher during the class.

Even if this is far from the truth, and nothing that occurred during the appointment could have caused or increased a client’s pain or injury, it will still be important to have insurance on hand to see you through the complex legal processes with your finances intact.

With a solid yoga teacher liability insurance policy in place, you will have protection from an array of liability claims. It may seem rare or unlikely for a client to file a claim against a yoga teacher, but the fact that it is even a possibility makes yoga teacher liability insurance a key ingredient to protecting your business.

For starters, a yoga teacher liability insurance policy will cover you in case a client ever does claim damage or injury due to a lack of skill or competence on your part as the professional kinesiologist. In such a scenario, the malpractice liability portion of yoga insurance would kick in to provide coverage.


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Another, perhaps more likely, scenario in which one might need yoga teacher insurance would be in case a client slipped, tripped or fell on the property of your practice. If such a situation occurred, the general liability insurance segment of your yoga teacher liability insurance would be there to provide appropriate coverage.

A third variety of protection one can get with a high quality yoga teacher insurance program is product liability insurance. This type of coverage is there to protect you and your practice in case a product you provided or recommended for a client resulted in damage or injury to that client.

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Of course, with the right yoga insurance program you can get even more benefits, such as reimbursement for lost or stolen work equipment and even coverage for identity theft protection. In the end, it is all about protecting your business in a professional manner, so that you can continue to thrive as a yoga teacher.

Fortunately, yoga teacher liability insurance is a business expense that is affordable. For an annual fee of less than a couple hundred dollars per year, you can get this thorough protection.

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