Worldventures and its Variations – The Way to YOUR Success

It’s important to know in which I’m not necessarily, in any way tied with Worldventures. This means that you will be getting an unbiased and fair review. I do, however, have a background in the travel industry as I was once a director of a school for travel agents in Bellevue, Washington. I also have a background in sales. I believe this makes me uniquely qualified to review World Ventures and offer my opinion.
To begin with, Travel is an interestingand profitable business. Annually, over $8 trillion is currently being spent on it. So, needless to say, there are those who are attempting toestablish a home-based business from this particular niche. In this regard, Worldventures is considered one of the most popular organizations. Once you join Worldventures, you will be known as a “Leisure Travel Consultant” (LTC). This will place you in the same category as an Internet travel agent who might work with Expedia, Orbitz or Travelocity.
What will it cost to join?

The upfront expenditure is $199 to join Worldventures. The monthly fee is $24.95. This will allow you to become an website travel consultant. The best way to describe what you get is a “travel business-in-a-box”. This comes with travel lessons that can be accessed online, exams, higher level travel agent advancement opportunities and your own travel retail website. Their primary product of focus is known as a “Dream Trip”. This is their exclusive trave package that differentiates their product as unique.
Individuals in control.

Mike Azcue and Wayne Nugent are the founders of World Ventures, which is based in Plano, Texas, in 2005. This type of company longevity bodes well for the organization. This is the first thing that you would want to look for. There are plenty of less than reliable companies that don’t last a year – especially in the Network Marketing business. In this case, Worldventures has not only continued its business in Plano, Texas – but has a staff of over 165 corporate employees. This is certainly not something that is being run out of someone’s kitchen!
What about the money making opportunities?
This is where things get a little foggy. There’s no question that you can earn moneywith Worldventures. However, my real goal is to inform you if an average marketer can earn a good profit by joining Worldventures. This is where travel industry background is needed.
You should understand that things have changed a lot in the travel industry during the past few years. At one time, it was quite common for individuals to book all of their vacation traveldirectly through travel agents. Things are different, now. The majority of us would desire to book our trips online. Since the profit margins are much smaller, travel agent commissions have been all but eliminated. You’re now looking at an average payout of a 10% profit margin. And this doesn’t even include airline fares, since the airlines have stopped paying travel agent commissions. This means that an agent has to seriously book a tremendous amount of travel to make decent money.
What about the business opportunity?
The compensation plan that is provided by World Ventures is based off of a system known as the Binary. This entails that the initial way to receive compensation hinges direct sales. For example, if a traveller sets up their trip through the agent’s Worldventures Website, the company is paid a commission.
50% of that commission is given back to the distributor who made the initial sale. This can even go as high as 80% should the distributor eventually become qualified and advance to travel agent. The main factor to consider is that the travel industry is extremely competitive. If someone is searching online to book a trip, they will immediately choose another company if they find a more enticing bargain. This can easily occur when you consider other companies with more business can usually offer bargain pricing. Another thing to consider is that one can enlist as an affiliate for a major travel site for free.
For those who are able to recruit a large number of people, there are other forms of compensation. These can become very complicated and Worldventures has placed videos on to explain them. For those who are able torecruit a large team that extends well beyond just their family and friends, Worldventures can offer a pretty good cash making opportunity.

Should you do some research and find anything about worldventures scam chances are the those who are stating that had failed because they did not understand how to market. Well check out this World Ventures Reviews to discover the facts and how to market the business efficiently so you also may be successful.

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