Womens Church Hats: Still in vogue

Gone are the days, when elaborate and fashionable hats were almost synonymous with Chapel, church and other religious congregation. In fact, if you have attended any church service, chances are pretty much there that you might have noticed a whole riot of head adornments, which were typically worn by the church going older women. Womens church hats in those days defined their style and elegance while standing tall as an ultimate reflection of their religiousness and piousness. However the logical question still remains unanswered – is this style now outdated? Has the trend of wearing fashionable womens church hats a thing of past? Is the tradition of wearing hats at Church gradually fading away just like many other rituals? And the answer is a big and resounding no as fashion has indeed taken a bold ‘U turn’ while making women hats yet again a major hit amongst the fashion forward women.

Be frank – do you still remember the days when your granny used to don in her Sunday’s best to join the Sunday Church? Yes, elaborately and fashionably dressed from head to toe, the popular item of choice for her was definitely her church bonnet. Bought in various shapes, colors, and sizes and designs her hats indeed complemented well with her Sunday Dress! Gone are those days, however even today, womens hats have not lost their charm, elegance, style statement and allure.

Yes, even today ladies head gear defines a rather chic outfit and can help you to grab immediate attention. Sure it makes people notice you. It’s easy to create your own style statement and its definitely possible to leave a long lasting impression with a nice hat that complements well with your other accessories and outfit. Indeed a well suited and well matched hat can add glamor and drama to your persona. Sure it stands tall as a bit of something to almost any outfit, which you may wear.

Just not as a cool fashion statement, womens hats can also save you when your soft locks simply stops listening to you. It can even guard your skin and eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Well, if you are serious about making a bold and stylish fashion statement then get creative and adorn your wardrobe with a whole range of fashion hats.

Sure you can wear an elaborate lacy hat with your evening gown and if you prefer keeping your style statement subdued, and then go with a Fedora hat to complement with your jeans or other casual outfit. Sure it looks good with skin tight jeans, with short boots and definitely with your leather jacket. Womens hats also go well with other outfits, which are rather formal. For example the deux-pieces suit or the white shirt, which you have recently purchased, can be further accessorized with a bold fedora hat.

Needless to say, hats suit women of all ages. Of course, they can be worn by the schoolgirls, by moms, by the young adults and also by the professionals and business women. Also, Womens Church Hats can be worn by the fashion forward ladies, who want to fuse their elegance and style with innovative idea and creativity.
Simply put, hats are indeed a stylish solution, irrespective of your age and look!

About the author:

Laurent Eddie is a costume designer with ample knowledge about style and fashion. She believes you can look more attractive with womens church hats or may be with some other womens hats. Being an expert, she knows how to make your look appealing with some minor tweaks.

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