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The wireless monitoring device consists of three parts:
● Front End: cameras, lenses, PTZ decoder, the same as with closed-circuit monitoring system.
● Terminal: DVR, monitor or TV, matrix controller with closed-circuit security monitoring camera system.
● transmission channel:
Recently, the T stage in Hangzhou Peace International Convention and Exhibition Center, a talking, dancing robot to play ball pocketed the eye. To instruction, computer or mobile phone will be able to remotely control the robot through the 4G wireless monitoring network.

The staff of Zhejiang Mobile 4G network control of robot can transmit images, video and sound. This requires that the wireless bandwidth more than 50M, which is now the 4G network in order to ensure that no card, do not delay. Built-in TD-LTE chips to the robot head, the body has more than 100 sensors, and integrated ip control, sonar systems, infrared systems, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and typical application of the cloud storage can be used far side unattended and family accompanying the elderly.
Robot is just one aspect of the 4G industry applications, the opening of the sixth of Peace International Convention and Exhibition Centre on the 19th, China Hangzhou Electronic Information Exposition, Zhejiang Mobile display 4G products include 4G card, 4G Internet partner, 4G wireless routing, with 4G wireless module of the broadcast equipment, 4G wireless ip video surveillance, and a large number of software applications, base stations and other professional equipment.
Hangzhou Municipal Government Deputy Secretary-General Zhao Likang, TD-LTE as the representative of the fourth generation of information and communication technology (4G) will become an important force in promoting economic and social development and change, will help speed up the industrialization process, promote the development of the industrial chain the formation of new economic growth point.
Hangzhou is the first experience in the country to launch 4G, B1 Bus Rapid Transit opened the first of a free open 4G networks, Hangzhou become the first city of the 4G network camera of the open society. This step, Hangzhou walk in the international forefront.

According to reports, Hangzhou is one of six in the country carried out the first of TD-LTE scale technology pilot cities, is also one of the two first TD-LTE scale commercial test of pilot cities (the other is Shenzhen). Zhejiang move the network performance indicators have reached the commercial test standards. The next phase of mobile Hangzhou planning new construction 1300 TD-LTE macro base stations, 500 indoor distributed base stations, the main city of Hangzhou of Xiasha Riverside, Xiaoshan, Linping main city, university campus and neighborhood coverage.
At present, the wireless technology in the field of video surveillance applications, like wireless monitoring equipment, satellite, microwave systems, wireless mobile networks, broadband wireless ip camera. Microwave signal frequency band, transmit power and other factors, a variety of digital wireless network transmission technology in the network transmission rate, the differences in coverage and other technical parameters in the field of video surveillance due to cost reasons, the main use of WiFi (wireless LAN) WiMax (Wireless Metropolitan Area Network) and 3G (wireless WAN).
View of the 3G industry development before the “heavy network construction, the light of product research and development” status, deputy general manager of Hangzhou Branch of China Mobile Zhu Lining in the TD-LTE industry development summit “held on the 19th, in the 4G network construction early on concern the development of the industrial chain, and actively carry out the exploration of the terminal R & D and business applications. From the industrial development situation of TD-LTE domestic chip and terminal manufacturers relative to their foreign counterparts about one year behind, the terminal scarce and rare application, which has become the the 4G scale promotion of problems to be solved.
In this regard, the Hangzhou Municipal Government will rely on local businesses, to concentrate our efforts to support the industrial development of TD-LTE, to accelerate the strategic adjustment of the Hangzhou industrial economic structure, the ability to help Hangzhou to seize the global 4G industry high ground.
Meanwhile, to further encourage the development of local software and information industry, to lead the industry chain enterprises have settled down in Hangzhou, the Hangzhou Municipal Government and China Mobile Hangzhou branch advocated the establishment of the “TD-LTE developers Alliance innovation to build TD-LTE industry clusters, reducing the development costs. Inviting all industry alliance to jointly develop the ability, actively involved in the development of TD-LTE product, create more 4G terminals and the 4G applications, so that more people have tasted the taste of 4G. 4G development of the tremendous opportunity has appeared, and industrial development will usher in spring.

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