Winter reduce weight and botanical slimming

Core clew: cold season, the most popular will be several hot pot cuisine, will be in the ingredients of the sauce cooked boiling to rinse rinse, delicious food, drive away cold, let a person to resist. Hot pot cooking food materials selection need attention hun vegetable collocation, try to choose low quantity of heat easy enough to eat material, thus avoiding high heat caused   meizitang   by obesity.

Hot pot cooking can reduce weight thin body reason

1, hot pot food and nutrition balance lower calorie intake

Hot pot can be included in the cause of the food reducing weight, because it rich in vegetables and less oil content in the collocation of ingredients. Delicious soup and can play a full abdomen feeling, reduce the whole eating in the process of energy intake. In addition to the rich vegetables, meat, fish and tie-in, such as tofu dairy products, adjust the balance of food intake.   botanical slimming

2, warm warm sauce collocation rich nutrition and beautiful skin effect

Adjust dietary nutrition balance, keep the blood circulation flow, is the basic condition of beautiful skin. Hot pot a lot of ingredients, not only contain keep skin elasticity of protein, improve skin moisturizing effect, still contain vitamin eliminate skin swelling of the minerals, etc. Warm warm sauce can improve the body temperature, improve blood circulation, is ruddy skin.

3, contain promote fat burning of the vitamin

Hot pot food contains three big essential nutrients, rich vitamin can promote the full body fat burning heat into energy released, and avoid the quantity of heat inside body fat residue formed.

Vitamin B1: sugar metabolism necessary vitamins. Salmon, pork in more content.

Vitamin B2: fat metabolism necessary vitamins. Spinach, mackerel, shellfish, more content.

Vitamin B6: protein metabolism necessary vitamins. Pumpkin, red big chili, potato and other content more.  botanical slimming soft gel

The key to the success of hot pot meal reducing weight

Ensure low calorie, goose, do not eat pork fat, etc. At the same time sesame 1 t contain 30 ~ 40 kcal quantity of heat, the proposal with vinegar instead of this kind of condiments.

Mixed hot pot should pay attention to specific food materials choice. Meatballs and fat content more, don’t eat too much advice, instead recommends the vegetables as the center, bean curd, fish, etc and burn material. Japanese beef hot pot, because the meat is be sugar etc condiment processed, so relative higher energy, general each portion will absorb 700 kcal quantity of heat.
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