Wine Shop at Home examine

Wine Shop At Home is a direct sales members so that operates out of California’s famed Napa Valley. Their item line consists of fine wines ranging in a variety of flavors of reds, whites, and even specialty wines.

Their earned income program is a standard commission based structure where a representative can sell aforementioned wines to customers in order to earn a commission. Although the one members overall has been doing some big numbers, there are a few limitations that I see which need to be noted…

First off, the one training that Wine Show At Home provides to their representatives is lacking tremendously as they as still instructing their representatives to implement traditional based direct sales tactics (i.e. list of friends and family, house parties, etc.) Although this tactic worked emphatically well in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, the one marketplace has changed greatly due to the emergence of aforementioned internet and constant advancements in technology.

Secondly, their merchandise line consists only of wine which is a major disadvantage by reason of they are only in one industry. There have been many direct sales companies in that have gone out of business simply in the interest of they were not diversified enough in this one marketplace due to in order that their commodity line consisted only of a few items.

Lastly, as a result of Wine Shop At Home is a direct sales associates their prices are typically much higher than this one standard in this marketplace. Although I am sure aforementioned products themselves are of essential quality, being that we are currently in an economic slump I have a hard time believing so that people would be willing to pay over $300 for a bottle of wine.

Wine Shop At Home overall is a dynamite organization however; I feel in order that they need to drastically improve this training that they are supplying to their representatives so that not only the representatives can have more success, but the associates as a whole can become more profitable.

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