Why We Always Appear the Occurrence of Oral Ulcers

Oral ulcers seem a minor disease, but it always affects our normal eating and speaking. Well, there are so many reasons why we have oral ulcers, in which fruits allergy is also one of them. Moreover, mental stress, viral infections, allergic reactions and vitamin deficiencies can also trigger mouth ulcers.


However, berry fruits are prone to cause allergy. In many cases, eating fruits to prevent oral ulcers is not successful. And experts think that, eating fruits may be more likely to induce allergy so that lead to mouth ulcers. The most common allergic fruits are mainly berry fruits, including strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes, orange, lemon, mango, pineapple, and kiwi and so on. In addition, some melons such as cantaloupe, lychee and other fruits can also cause allergies. Besides, if you eat the foods which you have not eaten before, and even change the brand of your toothpaste, this will cause mouth ulcers, and you should consider whether it is caused by allergies, and at the same time, you should stop eating this food or use this product.


Moreover, bad immunity will also cause mouth ulcers. The experts said that the fruit allergy cannot always occur; allergies have a great relationship with the state of the human body. When human body bear huge pressure or they are very tired, as well as have a poor sleep, and even at the special period, they will appear mouth ulcers. The so-called special period, such as a woman’s menstrual period, during this period, the body’s allergic reaction will increase, so women are prone to appear mouth ulcers. In addition to the special period, people always do the alternately activities in the air-conditioned rooms and outdoor, so they are prone to catch a cold, and staying up late at night as well as an irregular diet and so on can lead to the decline in body resistance, so the resistance to viruses of body is decreased, causing oral ulcers.


Furthermore, we cannot ignore the repeated occurrence of mouth ulcers. For oral ulcers, many people think that only small problems. Even if we do not treat it, it will heal by itself. However, the doctors pointed out that oral ulcer are the light type of mucosal disease, frequently accompanied by symptoms of xerosis, insomnia, depression and other symptoms; if it is more serious, it will be closely related to other connective tissue lesions, so it should not be underestimated. However, to prevent oral ulcers, we should ensure adequate sleep, eating light, and avoid eating spicy foods, and drink plenty of water, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and avoid constipation.


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