Why the Locust Like To Work Together

Locust is still raging. Middle of last century, Algeria there had been the largest locusts. There are about a total of 20 billion locusts swarms fly like a cloud to cover 400 square kilometers of fields. They ingest thousands of tons of food every day.


The most horrible point of Locust is that their collective action. Tens of thousands of locusts take actions together to chew plants and crops. Only if the place they arrived, it will cause devastation or even lose ground, it became a plague of locusts.


For many years, people did not understand the unity of action of locusts, because locusts have no language and uniform way of thinking, even no unified command. Why they can be unified action and rushed in unison to cause untold sufferings? When the number of locust larvae is small, they just walk around the site. However, when the density of larvae arrived per square meter 25, they began moved to a fixed direction occasionally.


This is similar to locusts in the wild action. But in the wild when they are about 50 insects per square meter, they are concerted to take action. Therefore, the researchers found a way to control the locust: when the locust density per square meter in less than 50, people should started taking locust operations such as spraying insecticides, so there may be a minimum of cost control to reduce attack hazards.


The interesting thing is that when the larvae per square meter reaches 75, they will no longer be unconsciously to change their direction, but began to fly one direction. This means that the more insects, the more direction they determine, but also that in a case of too many groups of organisms, usually they will have no choice but to “go with the flow”, or loss of subjective consciousness.


This collective behavior is not limited to grasshoppers. Many animals would be like the locusts, because they are conducive to eating, breeding, migration and avoid predators hunted such as the African grasslands zebra, antelope and other collective Great Migration. They will be conducive to their survival and are not predators hunted.


For the locusts, the special situation is that they are both herbivores, but also will eat the same kind of animal. During the flight, if they want to avoid being eaten by the cognate animals, the best way is to keep the unity of action in parallel.


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