Why the IQ of Ancient People Is High

Core Tip: according the report of MSN JAPAN, human IQ is declining, and the reasons are most about the impact of food intake, then, what foods will affect human IQ?


Whenever people see the wonders of the world-class building, they always sighed that how the ancients built there wonderful buildings up? Only if we can trace the source, we can find that at accident human civilization are more developed. Geneticist of Harvard University said excellent and intelligent of human people at BC are more than it is now. If they lumped together with modern populations, their higher IQ is very outstanding.


Why ancient people’s IQ is higher than modern man? In the final analysis, all food which contains pesticides and chemical seasoning pit miserable modern IQ. Foreign media wrote that the main culprit is the following three kinds of food:


Fluorine element

Fluoride present in the drinking water. It is said that a small amount of fluoride can prevent tooth decay, and France’s infant kid will use a small amount of fluorine element to achieve the purpose of prevention of dental caries. But if you intake too high fluorine, it is very easy to cause children’s lower IQ.


Chlorinated pesticide

According to the study results of the Columbia University that chlorine pesticides is harmful to the spirit of the development of children.


Glucose and fructose

British scientists have pointed out that most processed foods like to add glucose and fructose; they will lead IQ to decline. If 3-year-old child eat food which contain glucose and fructose, you can measure the decline in IQ in the five years. If 3-year-old children eat natural vegetables and fruits, after three years, their IQ raised. Natural glucose and fructose does not reduce IQ.



The data from the study also remind people when people buy food at usually, you should observe the food composition table, buy less food which contains a lot of sugar additives. In addition, by tracking survey ten years the number of the human body, the declining of human IQ has the relationship with 10% of the genes smart function, which will influence the intellectual functioning of the human body. After several generations of development, it can cause intelligence low constantly.


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