Why Is There a Middle-Aged Obesity

To middle age, the person may suddenly feel some things unable to do, put aside work, not to mention their various helpless situations, and light on the view from your own body, you cannot always meet your willing. A strong muscle of men in their youth turned into round “beer belly”, ladies former thin waistline unknowingly carry a thick “spare tire”. In your own stature be fat day after day, you may have thought about within your bodies piled up how much fat? What kind of impact these heavy burdens on our bodies?

According to the survey, middle-aged obese men have serious consequences, for obese heart disease rate is twice than the normal weight; at the same time they have higher risk of dementia of old age troubles. For the ladies, obese people’s heart disease, cancer and other illnesses are more easily attacked, can also cause low self-esteem and depressed bad mood, seriously affecting the quality of life. So why is there much middle-aged obesity? Is this process inevitable?

middle age Obesity

Middle-aged obesity is often caused by hormone imbalance. Referred to the hormonal changes, we may first think of menopause. Indeed, as women age, their body’s estrogen secretion is diminishing and under the control of insulin, the blood sugar rise, and more likely to cause the accumulation of fat. In fact, men are difficult to avoid these problems, so middle age in humans, it is indeed a bodily function to the downhill, and the metabolism slows down.

From age 30 onwards, the human metabolic rate decrease in accordance with the rate of 1% per year. The metabolism of our body has a double impact. First, in order to maintain the normal functioning of the body, we need a lot of energy intake; the same time, in the process of our body run consumption of energy will generate heat to maintain body temperature. With increasing age, the metabolic rate will be reduced, which means that our daily survival needs to consume less calories, but it takes more energy to maintain body temperature, so we will no doubt consume more food, and therefore body appear obesity.

middle age Obesity

In addition, with age, our metabolic rate is getting slower and slower, and total body muscle will be reduced, muscle reduction means that the rate of movement burns calories reduce seriously. Therefore, if it is as young as casual eating and drinking, neglect of physical exercise, then when we into middle age, we would surely find the difference between the supply and consumption is growing, and body fat must be the inevitable result.

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