Why Human Should Have the Insects

In recent years, with the expansion of the scope of human activities, the extensive use of pesticides and fertilizers make the number of insects reduced, especially for the large number of deaths of bees will lead to food crops, fruit flowers yield cut. At the same time, other insect which have the pollination effect such as the number of butterflies and rhubarb peak is also reduced. Einstein predicted: “If the bee disappeared from the earth, mankind could live for four years.” This is not an alarmist; because of more than 1000 kinds of 1330 crops what human used need bees to do pollination. These insects also could be the flies, butterflies, birds and even bats.


According to the statistics, insect pollination has the economic contribution to 14.6 billion and 440 million for the United States. Part of pollination was completed by domesticated bees, and wild insects assume most crop pollination task including the Hornet’s Flight of the Bumble varieties.


In the orchard of southwest, due to the excessive use of pesticides and the lack of natural habitat in southwest China’s orchard, growers have had to do the artificial pollination to fruit trees with a brush, and the height the flowers pollinated task can only let children climb trees to complete. Obviously, such an approach is feasible but if you want to use the artificial pollination for all crops, I think it is not enough for the whole world.


The way to solve this problem is actually very simple: you just plant wild flowers in the field and retain part of the forest and other natural vegetation, which can increase the population of pollinators and also increase the number of natural enemies of pests significantly, so that you do not have to spray so many chemical. Only just a little hard work, you can produce food while protecting the environment.


If we did not have the bees to do the pollination, our diet would be very monotonous. At that time, we can only live by feeding anemophilous pollination of crops. In other words, on the table, expect for the wheat, barley and corn, we did not have any one.


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