Why does your business need Automation Testing?

It is obvious expectation one could have from his offshore testing team while they test application or product.

And more over why don’t one expect even? After all he spent lot of efforts on his application in term of money, time, energy etc. Everyone wants his application should be error free before it enters into market to earn more money and capture market attention as much as it can be. All product and application owners are known, how important it to have an error free product/ application means for the initial phase of their application release. This is the very prime and important accept why they so demanding to his team for a bug lees application. In the same hand the team also put their hand the best to find out all defect and bugs of the application and supply to the development team to fix it before it get release. But it is very hard to find out all bug and error of the application by manual testing. There are many reasons why it is not so possible. One among all important logic behind it is, time. Manual testing team does not have much time to run all test cases while bug are fixed and return to them for testing. They don’t get much time to do a full round of regression testing on every bug fixes, which is the prime cause of leakage on the application. With all time and money if one issue/ defect will appear in the application then this is very fair enough point why application owner disappointed on this team. In this particular scenario when time is the vital factor why bugs/ issues are pass from the manual testing team the automated regression-testing is coming into the picture. Automation Testing Company (which will help to do regression testing) helps the testing team to do a quick whole round of regression testing after every fixes. The automation testing will definitely catch the issue in your application if it is arises in any case on the bug fixes of previous bugs. There are many automated regression-testing tools available in the market. Few example are Quick Test Professional (QTP), Selenium Automation tool etc. To avoid bugs/ issues in the application and not to expect from your manual-testing team work as tools, you can go for automation tests. But the question is where should one go for Automation Testing?

Mindfire Solutions is a 12 years old offshore software service provider and has successful footprint on software testing on both Manual and Automation. All our test engineers have solid knowledge on QTP Automation Testing Services with ISTQB and QTP certification, which helps to set off a high-level methods, ideas, and techniques to test application. Our certified QTP test engineers are more than 5 years of experience in Automation as well as manual testing. Lack of knowledge of test design and test-scripting languages often means automated testing projects fail in their objectives and test tools often end up as scrap. Our excellent QTP service comes with significant success story of our client. We provide our offshore Quick Test Pro service to test different domain like, content Management System (CMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), HealthCare industry, E-Commerce, Mobile applications etc. Our QTP team sent automation testing work report to the client in daily basic or weekly basics. Sometime our dedicated offshore QTP tester explain critical bug to our customer if at any case our client fail to understand the step to find the bug. If our customer demands the test scripts we generate during the testing execution phase then we help our clients to send functional test scenarios with QTP test script to enabling them to create a reusable and repeatable test repository. This enables our clients to save a lot of time, resources and effort in functional and regression testing if they want in future.

If you have any running project or you have a developed project (application or product) then drop us a quick note to Hire Automation Testers or a team of people to maintained best quality of your developed product/ application through sales at mindfiresolutions dot com or call 1-248-686-1424.

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