Why Do Some People Have Allergies

Why some people are allergic to something but other person is not allergic to those things? This may be a difficult question to understand. For example, just because a puppy went to your thigh, you will start sneezing and watery eyes. These reactions will let you throw the puppy aside, and go to toilet to wipe. While at the same time, your friends or neighbors simply do not have the above reaction.


Why is this? Why do some people are more prone to allergies than others? The answer is in the genes. Allergy is often attributed to the parents. Suffering from allergies tends to be genetic: if the party in your parents has allergies, you will also have about 50 percent probability to suffer from allergies; both parents have allergies, this probability increases to 75 percent to 80 percent. You can tell your friends that you are atopic, it means that you have a genetic predisposition to suffer from allergies. I hope your friends do not understand the Greek; “atopic” comes from the Greek for “strange”. But you do not have to be surprised, or alone. According to Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Society estimates, as many as 50 million Americans suffer from asthma, hay fever or other allergy-related diseases.


Therefore, the family gene is adverse to you. Do you feel depressed? It is necessary may not. Do not forget that even if you have a 60 percent chance of suffering from allergies, there are still 40 percent’ probability not to get sick. This is why the dog will make you choking but your brother did not respond. In the genetic dice game, he became the winner.


Suffering from allergies in addition to genetic factors, there are other reasons. Environment would also help. When you contact with a substance, the frequent exposure and exposure to the dose size will affect you whether it would be allergies.


For example, assume you are allergic to the tendency of the mold spores. Perhaps living alone in a clean and tidy apartment of your own, you will not show the symptoms of allergies; but when a roommate with a bunch of indoor plants, an old mattress, and a humidifier to move in, you quickly began while sneezing while sucking nose. How is it? You can tolerate exposure to a certain number of mold spores, and will not develop any symptoms, but once that balance is broken by the breeding of mold spores in your roommate material, your immune system will begin to speed up the run.


So, allergies are most caused by the above.


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