Why Children Behave Not So Polite

During the process of development, children always have some words and behaviors that go beyond the maturity that they should have at a certain age in different stages. Those words and behaviors appear to be impolite and arbitrary, which can leave a direct impression of unlovely on people. “No big no small” is one of the behaviors. Especially when children behave in public, parents would feel embarrassed. In the light of children’s behavior, we should gradually instruct them to become children with good manners and distinctive personality according to children’s characters.


Behavior1: call parents’ names directly

Although some parents don’t care about this and even encourage children to directly call their names, thinking that the independent consciousness of children can be foster by doing so, calling names directly seems disrespect for elders from the perspective of traditional childcare concept. Such behavior originally results from children’s imitation. Especially during the stage of children learning languages, the way adults call each other can easily be acquainted by children. When the call came out of child’s mouth, adults may think it funny and interesting which encourage children’s such behavior invisibly.


Parents should do: When this situation happens, parents should be aware of the way they call each other. They should instruct children by calling “father”, “mother”. When children have formed such behavior, it will be too late to instruct. Of course, we should consider the situation when children occasionally call parents’ names. For example, it is acceptable when the child is in high spirit and appears naughty.


Behavior2: put parents down on purpose

Self-awareness of children more than 3-year old begins to form and intensify gradually. They begin to have their own value judgment on things and interest demand. The conflicts between them and their parents are increasing such as disobedient and against with parents. Especially when they behave like this in public, parents would lose face. If we analyze the causes behind such behaviors, we would find that they result from children dissatisfaction with adults.


Parents should do: According to different reasons, parent s should take different measures to deal with. The key point is to see “reason” on which side. If it is indeed parents “having no reason”, for instance, parents’ deeds inconsistent with their words, then parents should rethink instead of criticizing children.


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