Why Book Youth Birthday Party Specialist David Breth for Your Teen’s Celebration?

Have you ever arranged a special event for your teen’s birthday party, only to find later that the kids never really enjoyed the experience? Getting to know the likes and dislikes of teens in this generation is quite difficult for parents. With advances in technology and the rapid pace of life in modern society, the generation gap between parents and their teens only seems to increase all the time.

In order to capture the attention of today’s youngsters, you need an expert performer who can get into the minds of youngsters and understand what really interests them. David Breth is one such expert who holds his young audiences spell bound with his amazing magic tricks. He is a Youth Birthday Party Specialist with an impressive repertoire of amazing mind-reading tricks, energetic action, mystery and intrigue, and flashy effects, mixed with loads of humor. Teens, tweens and adults alike would simply adore his shows. As a parent, you would have the double advantage of enjoying the fun as well as seeing your youngsters have a great time. Your teens would truly be impressed with your choice and thank you for the great party. You can prove to your kids that you are not out of sync with their generation after all. You would make them proud before their friends.

Although David Breth’s shows are aimed at teens and tweens in the 9 to 14 age group, his performances have a universal appeal. Parents, old uncles and aunts and aged grandpas and grandmas would also enjoy his exciting presentation.

David Breth is not just a home entertainer. He is a professional magician who conducts various shows in different places around the country every year. He brings top notch expertise to thrill audiences of all age groups. He has been performing for several years in Maryland, Delaware, Northern Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania and Washington DC.

You can request free information literature on David’s shows so that you have a better idea about his performances. Do not settle for a mediocre event for your teen’s birthday party. Give them something that they and their friends would cherish for years to come. Book David Breth for the event and let him work his magic, literally. He even offers a money-back guarantee, so you have no reason to worry about risking your money. Let your teen have a truly memorable birthday party, which they would be proud to invite all their friends to.

For more free information visit, http://www.DavidBreth.com or call (443) 866-2758

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