Whether to Use a Toothpick at Table Is Really Good

After meals, it is easy to leave residues of meat and vegetable fiber in the teeth gap. If you do not pick out the foods plugging in the teeth gap, the food residues are not only easy to corrode, and it will be bacterial infections, which can also cause discomfort and result in tooth formation illness. So, what can be used to pick the teeth? Since most of the restaurants and home prepared a toothpick, a lot of people are used to making use of a toothpick at table. Some people say that we are best to gargle with water, and some people say that it is easy to use toothpicks, as well as some people say that to use flossing is the best. Then, whether to use a toothpick at table is really good?


To pick tooth after meals is a normal phenomenon. However, in real life, many people often hold the toothpick in the mouth, in order to be cool. No matter they have eaten foods or have not eaten anything, such people always like to use a toothpick to tick the teeth again. Health experts believe that this approach is not only uncivilized, over time, it will also affect dental health. Under normal circumstances, healthy and straight teeth are not easy to let food into hissed. Moreover, often with a toothpick to pick teeth will not only harm the health of the teeth and gums, but also is easy to make gingival recession, cause root exposure, so that the root gap will become larger, and food residue is easy to enter into the teeth. Repeatedly picking the teeth will cause a vicious cycle, and finally make root loss of protection, resulting in loose teeth or loss phenomenon.


As we all know, the gums of human are very delicate, often picking the teeth at table is possible to damage the surface of the gums, so that the bacteria in the mouth will get inside the teeth and cause gum inflammation. There is a layer of the enamel of the tooth surface, and it has a role of protecting teeth. So repeatedly picking the teeth will make enamel wear. If teeth lose this protective layer, it will be very sensitive to the cold or hot, and sour foods, causing toothache. Therefore, we must change the bad habits of picking the teeth with a toothpick.


If the teeth gap has food, how can we remove it? The correct way is to develop a good habit of mouthwash after meals. If we cannot remove it, we can use the dental floss.


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