Where to Buy Clove Essential Oil

Toothaches have been a common problem. It is one of the most annoying pain for humanity. People find solution to it by visiting a dentist and spending a large sum of money for treatment. But because of the expensive treatment many people hesitate to do or fail to afford it. In such a case, people take the help of natural remedies for toothache relief. These natural remedies will definitely be affordable. One such remedy is Clove essential oil. It is derived from a herbal plant and is available in herbal stores everywhere. Syzgium aromaticum is the clove plant.

The clove oil has been as an analgesic and anti-septic widely. Eugenol is the active component of clove oil which has all these effects. This oil is very cheap and available in any pharmacy or health food store. It can also be ordered online through many websites. Like any other oil, over dose of the oil has bad effect on the health such as damage to liver and hepatotoxicity. Hence, it is always important to stick to few guidelines while using them.

In case of toothache, 3 to 4 drops of Clove oil can be placed on a cotton ball and the cotton ball can be placed in the affected tooth. A quick relief can be felt. An alternate method is dipping the q-tip in the clove oil and rubbing the tip on the gum line or the tooth. But if the pain is due to a tooth abscess, then it is not easy to get relief from pain as it is difficult for the oil to reach the affected area. In tooth abscess, a pressure is created by the infected substances inside the tooth which later gets accumulated in the gums.

Medically, it is a well established fact that most of the pain are characterized by an underlying problem in the body. Hence, clove oil gives you relief from the pain but not from the problem that is developing or has developed. So, after a quick relief from pain, do not hesitate to report the nearest dentist. Toothaches are usually accompanied by tooth decay and underlying gum infections which must be treated as soon as noticed.

Nevertheless, you can have clove oil in your home as a remedy to toothaches. You can get clove oil from the nearest pharmacy or order it on the internet by visiting pharmaceutical websites.

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