What You Should Know About Etihad Airways

Though not the most common in the universe, Etihad Airways is nevertheless considered incredible by those that are seasoned passengers. Though located at Abu Dhabi in the UAE, Etihad Airways boasts over 1000 flights each week to multiple countries on 5 continents. When you fly, you may wish to look into Etihad Airways if customer service excellence and satisfaction is vital for you.

It’s hard to match the comfort of the airport lounges you’ll find at Abu Dhabi and other destinations served by Etihad Airlines. The Diamond First Class lounge, for example, gives you much more than a comfortable to seat from which you can wait for your flight. You have access to the Six Senses Spa, where you can get 15 minute spa treatments such as facials, scalp massage and foot detox. Lounging has never been more fun, especially when you can polish your shoes and shower while you wait at the airport. People that travel with their family, and that have children, will appreciate the lounge and the family room within. There’s a cigar lounge as well, where you can sample some of the world’s best American and Cuban cigars, along with champagnes, wines and other refreshments. So before you ever leave the ground on an Etihad Airways flight, the Diamond First Class lounge will have you properly prepared before takeoff.

Provided you fly on business, you ought to also find the perks of making use of the Pearl Business Class with Etihad Airways. Beginning at the super cozy lay-back seats to the many choices of entertainment to formal eating, you can relish your comfortable flight experience. Individuals are offered many possibilities so they can select what they want, which is the best. They enable you, as an example, to pick the time you eat and what you prefer to eat, therefore you won’t be tied to the set time that the airlines have that are easier for them. You also have access to hundreds of hours of on-demand entertainment, which you can enjoy from a personal LCT TV and noise-cancelling headphones.

Many people aren’t aware of how many destinations are served by Etihad Airways, thinking of it mainly as a way to get to United Arab Emirates or other places in the Middle East. The fact, is this airline offers numerous flights to and from locations all over the world. When someone commences in the US as a case in point, they could fly to Australia, a lot of major European cities, China, Thailand, South Africa, and many other places of interest as well. Because Etihad Airways has won awards and gives passengers a lot of benefits, one might want to think about them for their next journey, regardless of where it is.

Airline choices abound, however they don’t all compare to the top rated Etihad Airways according to passengers and experts. So if you’re going to fly for either business or a vacation, it’s worth looking into what this airline has to offer. Assuming you have to occupy many hours flying, it makes sense to design a pleasurable experience, and Etihad Airways might be the answer.

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