What Should the Elderly Pay Attention To For Their Fitness

The elderly due to physical function in the decline, therefore some exercise is necessary. Then what should the elderly pay attention to when they are doing exercise? Let us have a look in the following.


First of all, the focus should be to contribute to cardiovascular health in sports such as jogging, walking, etc. Each exercise time is about 30-60 minutes, and 3-5 times a week, but which should not be too severe. Besides, some older or poor people’s physical exercise time and intensity can be reduced.


Second, the elderly still have to pay attention to weight training. Weight training to slow bone loss, prevent muscle atrophy and maintain organ function will play a positive role. The elderly should choose lightweight, safe weight training, such as lift sandbags, grip the small barbell, pull a light spring, and each exercise is not too long.


Third, it should be noted that to maintain the “balance” of physical activity. The “balance” of the physical exercise includes stretching, weight training, and flexibility training and cardiovascular exercise and a wide range of movement. As to how to match, it is depending on personal circumstances.


Fourth, the elderly with high age and the poor physical people should participate in an appropriate amount of sports, because it may be harmful to the body if you sit there without movement for a long time. These elderly people should choose a lesser extent, compatible with his body movement, such as jogging instead of running or aerobics.


Fifth, it needs to be concerned with the exercise-related psychological factors. As the weak constitutions of the elderly and poor physical fitness, many people exercise will produce the fear of hardship; this will make the effect of exercise greatly reduced. Therefore, elderly exercise should have the right attitude: only by adhering to exercise in order to play the role of physical fitness.


I believe that every older people want to have a healthy body to have a comfortable old age, however, they will by the tonic or exercise. However, incorrect training methods only allow them to be counterproductive. For the sake of health, the elderly should pay attention to their exercise matters. At the same time, blessed the elderly is safe and healthy all the world.


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