What Makes Your Company’s Email Archiving System Foolproof?

Corporate mails need to be archived and stored in a safe manner. Period. Every organization today is paperless; therefore all communication with clients, business partners, suppliers, and other stakeholders are done with the aid of electronic mails. Such data should be protected from virus attacks, spyware, malware, and unauthorized use. This is the reason email archiving system is implemented by companies to ensure legal compliance, protect confidential info, lessen storage costs, and meet eDiscovery requests in the event of legal disputes. However, an archival solution must include certain features to make it safe and foolproof. Keep reading to learn more.

Unlimited Storage Facility

With increasing volumes of electronic mails, it’s imperative that you save on storage costs. In other words, it should not cost you an earth in the future. For an on-premise system, you need to have sound infrastructure to accommodate storage needs from time to time. A hosted vendor, on the other hand, will need to set data limits for effective management of storage capacity.

That’s why cloud email services is so important. It solves the problem by enabling continuous growth of data without capacity and cost issues. To cut the long story short, your organization never runs out of storage or charged additionally for increasing volume of mails.

Safe and Confidential

Electronically stored information contain confidential business and client records. To make sure such info is safe and confidential, you are expected to consider data encryption, physical infrastructure, and application layer seriously. Security measures should also be compliant with regulatory information retention that is applicable for your company or industry. With these aspects covered, be assured that your organization’s data is safe and secure.

Easy to Use

When you are implementing an archiving solution, it should be easy to use in three areas. These include initial installation, the functioning, and continuous maintenance. Let’s begin with the installation first. The switch must not be complicated and difficult to operate. Companies face the greatest challenges when implementing on-premise system. Cloud based services will help you archive within minutes. Do you know why? That’s because you are not required to install any software and hardware.

When the device or application is up and running, you are able to search and retrieve info instantly from a mailbox archive. When information is retrieved at such speed, it will definitely accelerate the eDiscovery process.

When it comes to maintenance, it should not be your responsibility if you are availing the services of a third party. Then, it is definitely applicable for an on-premise archive. The greatest advantage is that you will have continuous maintenance. This includes repairing, patching and upgrading servers and training for the IT staff.

Investment Should Pay Off in the Future

When you are investing in an email archiving system, it should pay off in the future and help you achieve maximum ROI. In case, you are falling short of capital to invest in software, hardware, ongoing support, availing the services of a third-party is the best way out. With it, you can rent storage at a fixed rate for every mailbox by way of monthly subscription.

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Audrian Cambell has been a company head and he knows how email archiving system works to help you maintain your emails storage and makes your job fast and easier. In this article, he shares his knowledge about how cloud email services help in the efficient management of data.

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