What Kinds of Foods Should Not Be Eaten after Motion

After physical labor or a large of great amount of physiological load of exercise, the body can feel very tired, which is because our body produces a lot of lactic acid. Under the conditions of muscle aches, the acid of body is large. If we continue to eat sour food, it will increase the blood acidification, and slow the acid metabolites decomposition, so as to increase the degree of fatigue.


Then, what foods should not be eaten after motion? First, it is fish. Dynamic nutritionists found that, after a lot of movement, eating fish can make a person more fatigue. This is because after a great deal of physical labor or movement, the body can feel very tired. And fish is acidic food, if you eat it after exercise, it will make the blood acidification, plus the body produces a large amount of lactic acid, which can increase the degree of fatigue.


Second, it is chicken or duck meat. Many people think that after consuming a lot of physical strength, we need to eat meat to supply energy, and quickly recover physical strength. In fact, eating chicken or duck meat cannot eliminate fatigue, it will increase muscle ache, and make spirit more tired. Third, it is beer. As we are know, beer is made from carbonated component. After exercise, our body has produced a lot of lactic acid. If this time you still drink beer, and intake carbonic acid, as well as supply function composition for lactic acid, so that it will only make blood acidification, to alleviate acid metabolites decomposition and destroy the internal environment of acid-base balance, so the feeling of fatigue is difficult to eliminate.


Fourth, this is candy. You will often see that there are so many sugars in an athletic meeting, in case of athletes consume too quickly, but sugar can supply energy for them. However, you may not know that eating this sugar may consume mass vitamin B1 in the body, so that make people feel tired and loss of appetite. Fifth, peanut is a kind of food particularly rich in starch and fat, but in the eyes of people, it is absolutely the best choice to add energy and to maintain the physical strength. However, because of its high content of fat, in the process of decomposition, it will produce the fatty acid and so many kinds of organic acid, so that increase the acid concentration, and aggravate the acid decomposition work.


Sixth, eggs are the nutritional foods rich in protein, but after motion, we should not eat more. Because the cholesterol of the egg yolk in the intestines and stomach is difficult to digest, and you originally have consumed so much physical strength after motion, and you also need to digest this food. You will not only be difficult to recover the physical strength, but the acidic ingredients after decomposition continue to destroy the internal environment of acid-base balance.


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