What kind of tea dose tie guan yin belong to?

What kind of tea dose tie guan yin belong to?

Tie Guan Yin tea is grown in Anxi County, Fujian Province. tie guan yin tea has a long history in China. It contains, Tie Guan Yin tea originated in question dry Emperor Yongzheng (1725 a 1735). Mountainous Anxi county, warm climate, abundant rainfall, the growth of lush tea, tea variety, colorful, Guanjue country.

Tie Guan Yin tea, tea a year, taken four, sub-spring, summer tea, summer tea, autumn tea. Tea quality to spring for the best. tie guan yin tea has a long history and always has a name of “the king of tea”. Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong tea production process and the general system of law is basically the same, but the green to shake a few more, shorter cool blue.

Usually in the evenings before the drying green, rolling green overnight, cool blue, the next morning to complete fermentation, and then by rubbing baking fried, which lasted a day and night. The process of tie guan yin tea is basically same as the general oolong tea, but with more spinning circles and shorter air-drying time.

Excellent quality Tie Guan Yin tea fat cord tight end, quality is as heavy as iron, green sand hibiscus clear blue pedicle green, red titles, sweet floral high, heavy and mellow sweet and mellow, with a unique taste, aftertaste sweet and rich, red 7 bubble is still lingering fragrance; soup golden, the bottom of hypertrophic soft, brilliant light uniformity, leaf margin red, green heart red trim.
tie guan yin teain Fujian is now in pollution-free cultivation, while the most critical technical measure is to master the garden soil management and fertilization technology.

First, the tea garden soil management technology

1, soil tillage and the effective role of technical measures
Pollution-free tea and more emphasis on cultivating deep plowing.
Cultivator usually in spring before the year 1, the depth of 10 ~ 15cm, cultivator, the spring is conducive to germination and growth of new shoots.
Has strong roots improve soil aging, thickening of the living soil, pests and diseases to reduce the vertical in the role of technology. Deep cultivations in all types of tie guan yin tea gardens are being conducted after the autumn tea( winter), together with the spraying lime sulfur and comprehensively cleaning work.

Usually once every 1 ~ 2a. However, deep plowing could easily cut off the roots of tea is a highly technical and difficult to grasp the measures should be adapted to local conditions, flexibility, deep plowing and the number of intervals.
Various types of tea tea roots are in the autumn (or winter) after the end, and for spraying lime sulfur and full garden clearance work. tie guan yin tea requires strict cultivation skills.

2, soil cover technical measures
Use safe, clean pollution-free straw, wheat straw or other weeds, in June and July and September to October, droughts, droughts before the advent of the inter-row tillage after tea, from tea to cover the roots than 10cm, cover required placement uniform thickness after 8 ~ 10cm to cover the exposed soil is not better.Should cover cross-slope aspect tea shop in the tea, so the rain can stop straight, stranded part of the water, and avoid accumulation of water flow together cover. Tea may be laying the ground along the line. The cover of tie guan yin tea is required to be uniform and thickness of 8-10cm and the soil should not be seen. Can be applied in autumn and winter tea roots plunged into the bottom of the cover as fertilizer. By coverage, inhibit weeds and control surface soil erosion, regulate soil temperature, and promote the growth of tea.

3, the new soil technology training measures Park
Pollution-free tea should choose the higher fertility of red loam, yellow loam, loam or other clean red, yellow, Land, at the end of each quarter after the tea into the tea garden to pick between the lines. When fill the earth, different nature of tie guan yin tea gardens require different texture of earth.
Filling, require different types of tea-off into a different texture of the soil.

Tea-off into the sandy red clay loam; tea-off into the sandy clay soil, aging tea then off into the red, yellow subsoil.

4. Tea intercropping of technical measures
Tea tree intercropping technology because the system should focus on rational control. For the tea plantation, should be selected legumes, such as soybeans, mung beans, peanuts, or creeping of the compounds selected such as potatoes, sweet potatoes and so on.  When the tie guan yin tea crops matured should be harvested as soon as possible, and promptly turned leaf stems buried in soil. Intercropping, the density should be reasonable, green manure and the need to maintain an appropriate distance between the tea, take double row hole species, 2 to 3 per hole. Intercropping should be based on coverage and tie guan yin tea growing to decide the planting density and the tree varieties, which may control the shade rate from 20% to 30%. When ripe crops should be harvested as soon as possible, and promptly turned leaf stems buried in soil. For adult tea, tea should choose not to compete with deep-rooted water fight fat umbrella-type fruit, such as oil persimmon, longan, red bayberry, peaches, plums, tea intercropping should be based on coverage and tea growing varieties of fruit trees and planting density to determine , shade control rate of 20% to 30%.

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