What Is the Suited Time to Eat Breakfast

We all know that breakfast is very important, because it is related to the energy what the required for the body of whole day. However, urbanites are very busy to live. Maybe they eat casual breakfast; in fact, this is not likely to eat breakfast. The behavior do not eat breakfast will harmful to the body has been recognized by more and more people. So breakfast must eat. But appropriate breakfast habits will also damage your health. The experts say there are several very popular ways to have breakfast, but it is not science and health.


Eating breakfast is sooner rather than better = typical error

Many people who are used to get up early in morning at five or six o’clock like to eat breakfast, I think it can replenish the needs of body which is also conducive to absorb. In fact, if eating breakfast is too early, it is neither unhealthy, nor injure the stomach.


Snacks act as breakfast = typical error

Some people like to eat biscuits, chocolate and other snacks to fill the belly. But if you regard the snacks as the important meals, it is very unscientific. Snacks belong to the dry food, so it is not easy to digest and absorb for the body what is under the semi-dehydrated state in the morning. The main raw material of biscuits and other snacks can provide energy within a short time, but soon you will feel the hungry close to you, and the blood glucose levels will decreased in the noon. Eating snacks will cause the nutritional to lead to the physical decline easily, which is easy to lead to invasion of various diseases.

Recommendation: the experts suggest it is not a good way to regard the snacks to instead of breakfast. Especially, you should not eat too much dry food.


Deep-fried dough sticks plus soy milk for breakfast = typical error

Comparing with the “Milk and eggs” of westernized breakfast, Deep-fried dough sticks plus soy milk for breakfast of the traditional Chinese breakfast was loved by more people. However, this eating behavior is also not conducive to a healthy, because of the nutrient will be damaged and then cause carcinogenic substances detrimental to harmful for human health.


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