What Is the Role of Nose Hair towards Our Health

Some people have the habits of digging the nostril and cutting the nose hair, and they feel the nasal mucus and nose hair are dirty things, and which should be cleaned out immediately. Otherwise, it will affect health. This is actually a misunderstanding.


In the nose, there is covered with a layer of thin mucous membrane, which can secrete mucus, and form nasal mucus what we say normally, which adheres to the nose hair of the nasal cavity, so as to form a layer of protective network with fine density, and rich in viscosity in the nasal cavity. This layer of protection network has an important role to warm, which can warm and wet the absorbed air, and filter a large number of bacteria and impurities in the air. It can be said that it is the health loyal guards of the human body. If you often dig the nose or cut the nose hair, it will destroy this layer of protective film, so that people are vulnerable to be invaded by the outside bacteria, and it is easier to make the weak nasal mucosa damage, and the bacteria in the hands and nasal cavity can infect the damage place, resulting in nasal inflammation, and appearing pain and dry nose and other discomfort symptoms.


Moreover, nasal cavity has a layer of thin and tender mucous membrane, and its former minister has black hair, which can stop the dust or impurity in the air; there are many capillaries, which can make the suction air become close to the body temperature, also can secrete mucus to make the air wet, so as to stick the dirt in the air. Therefore, nasal respiratory system is the first line of defense. If you use hands to dig the nostril, this will damage the function of this line of defense. In addition, the nails are easy to damage the nasal mucosa, and make the bacteria adhering in the nails to invade the nasal mucosa, causing inflammation bleeding, and even fester. More importantly, the vein of the nose is interlinked, so the medicine called the nose as danger trigonum. If the bacteria in the nose invade the cranial cavity, causing infection, it will threaten the life, so do not let your children dig the nostril.


If you are cold or other reasons, try not to use hands to dig the nose. The correct way is to use clean water to soak the nose for a few minutes, so that make the blood vessels contract, to alleviate the congestion symptoms.


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