What Is the Nutritional Value of Eating Raw Salmon

Maybe a lot of people are not easy to accept eating raw fish, but raw salmon indeed contains highest nutritional value. When you eat raw salmon, you can cut the salmon into thin and small pieces, and then put it on the ice or dry ice. And then you can mix the Japanese soy sauce or flavor soy sauce with wasabi, but for the general gastrointestinal function, you can select not to put the mustard, but directly dip the soy sauce to eat.


Usually at a high temperature of 70℃ or above, the fatty acids in the salmon will be destroyed, because it is a multi-unsaturated fatty acids, so at high temperatures, it is most likely to be oxidized. Over prolonged high-temperature cooking, the vitamin in the salmon will become vanished. If you have cooked food, it is best to take the way of quick cooking, and boiling or steaming can be okay, but do not fry it. Moreover, if you eat the medium rare salmon, the taste and flavor are more in place, and it should have a flavor.


When you eat insufficient cooked salmon, you do not have to worry about parasites and microorganisms. As long as you buy the qualified products from the formal channels, and with quality assurance, and the number of the parasites and microbes will be few, and will be safe. In general, the fish is more fresh and healthier, the microorganisms are fewer, so be sure to buy fresh fish.


Well, salmon has a lot of benefits for human body. Salmon is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which can effectively lower blood lipids and blood cholesterol, to prevent and treat the cardiovascular disease. And theΩ-3 fatty acids in the salmon is the essential substance of the brain, retina and nervous system, which has the effect of enhancing brain function, and can prevent and treat Alzheimer disease and prevent vision loss. In addition, the salmon can be effective in preventing the occurrence and development of chronic diseases such as diabetes, and has a high nutritional value, and enjoys the reputation of treasures in water. And the people at all ages can eat it, especially suitable for people with cardiovascular disease and mental workers; and also is suitable for people with weight loss, edema or poor indigestion.


However, the best way to eat salmon is to cook the salmon quickly, which can keep the nutrition of salmon, and the taste is authentic. But when you cook salmon, it should not be too spicy or too sour. Otherwise, it will undermine the nutrition of the salmon.


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