What Is the Mankeep

In New York theme conference which was called as mankeep summed up ten kinds of people.


People provide the tickets what you hard to get.

The most important customer just called to tell you that tonight there was A league, he needs four votes. You are asked to call all of the ticketing company and said no ticket. What you should do to handle this condition?


In fact, there is no so-called “all sold out” in this world. You have to know who you should find. You can almost buy tickets at the last minute.



For passengers on the same aircraft, the one hundred passengers had a hundred different ticket prices. For $ 400 fare, others may get $ 200 to get. Why? Because he knew a travel agent friend and this friend is the one who can help you find the ideas.


Employment agencies, job market and headhunters

Unless you need a job, most people will not talk to people which were in employment agency. In fact, this is not necessary. The important thing is that what you are now, but what you will happen in next. Even if you are working stably, you may also wish to establish a good relationship with them.



Did you find that banks play a very important role in your life? Your finance and investment needs the bank in modern commercial society. When there is a bank, you have the financial difficulty; you know who you can call.


Local civil servants and police

Almost everything: fill potholes on the road, carried away garbage, repair sidewalks, pruning trees, reducing taxes, changing the city division, child education, community norms business practices, regulation of air, water and noise quality, you buy a new the car was stolen, the thief door of your home uninvited into the house, you will need local civil servants, police.



All celebrities have their lawyers, doctors, dentists, accountants, relatives, favorite restaurants and places what they frequent to go. There are also brokers, publicity, public relations staff and coaches. You should know these people at first, and ask them to arrange a meeting with a celebrity, or for you to play the first call.


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