What Is Royal Purple Motor Oil

In order to understand this question, we must first look at what motor oil is. Motor Oil is a lubricant containing additives to increase the ability of the lubricant to do certain things inside the internal combustion engine. The first thing that motor oil does is lubricate the engine. This prevents metal to metal contact between the internal moving parts of a engine. The engine simply operates on a thin film of oil between its moving parts. The ability of an oil to maintain its thin film is measured and is called film strength.The next thing that motor oil must do is assist in cooling of the engine. Not all parts are next to the water jackets of a engine so cooling must be achieved in the circulation of the oil or lubricant. Not all engines are water cooled, so the circulation of the oil is very critical. Temperatures in the combustion chamber alone can reach over 500*F.All manufacturers of oil include different types of additives to their oil, each claiming that their additive will prevent something or do something that other oils will not. During normal operation of an engine the oil will become contaminated with dirt, metal particles, sulfur, just to name a few. The additives, being blended with the oil, will assist in the cleaning of the oil of these contaminants and take them to the oil filter where they are filtered from the oil.Royal Purple was founded in 1986 as the result of testing to find a lubricant that would withstand a very high level of strength in the bearings of compressors. John Williams, founder of Royal Purple had been working with synthetic oils in the 1940′s and 1950′s. Mr. Williams was contacted by a Oil Company and ask to assist in the manufacturing of a oil that would withstand the strength needed to prevent bearing failure. Mr. Williams concluded that there was no lubricant available, but during his experimenting with different types of synthetics, formulated a oil with a very high film strength. Upon additional testing this new lubricant did withstand the strains and did prevent bearing failure. Thus the founding of Royal Purple. Mr. Williams new lubricant easily solved the problems of the oil company he was working for and when the manager of the plant tried the oil he too found it too to be superior in every application. He suggested to Mr. Williams that the oil should look something different from other oils. Mr. Williams suggested he color the oil red, blue, or green, however those colors were already in production is other oils. Purple oil had never been seen before so the two decided to color the oil Purple.Additionally Mr. Williams decided to name the company Royal Purple, since historically, royalty used the color purple only for the finest of fabrics.Royal Purple is a 100% Synthetic oil and offers a complete line of both straight and multi-viscosity oils. Royal Purple is formulated with Royal Purple’s unique, proprietary Synerlic additive technology.

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