What is Mental Health and How Do You Make It Part of Your Fitness Program?

What is mental health in this day and age when stress levels are at an all-time high? It encompasses a lot of things like your emotional well-being and your ability to appreciate life and tackle its challenges. It concerns your mental faculties’ ability to cope in tense situations and recover from disappointment and trauma.
With that said, we can see how very important mental health is in order to keep going. Without a sound mind, we will be unable to:
. Think of ways to work out problems
. Maintain healthy relationships with others
. Love and motivate ourselves
. Function in school or work
. Enjoy life in general
If you’re on a fitness program and noticed that something is still amiss, at the back of your mind you might have been asking, “What is mental health, and do I need to incorporate it somewhere into my routine?” If you feel that it is indeed the missing link you’ve been looking for, you are on the right track.
Physical health is nothing without great mental health. A truly well-balanced, holistic fitness routine factors in special exercises for the mind. Here are some examples:
. Meditation. When you meditate you remove the everyday clutter that plagues your mind – work issues, personal issues, even the petty annoyances that get to you. Focus on your breathing, relax your mind and body, and be at peace. Ten to fifteen minutes of this exercise a day can be very invigorating for stressed minds. On your free days, try to extend this exercise to half an hour.
. Listening to a motivational recording. Instead of listening to your usual pop music while jogging or power-walking, listen to a motivational speech. You may also listen to material touching on questions like “What is mental health?” or “How do I develop a positive outlook in life?”
. Keeping a journal. There are some things we are hard-pressed to share with or tell others. When we bottle up our feelings, it psychologically affects us. Let it all out in a private journal, which only you can read.
. Writing lists. There are people who find this therapeutic. Writing a list of the things that are important to you can be quite motivating. Maybe you can write a list with the title “What is Mental Health to Me” and include the things you can do to make yourself more in control of your emotions.
. Going on a break. Amazingly, going on a short break or even on a two-week vacation is seen by some people as a sign of weakness. Nothing could be further from the truth. A break is just what the mind needs to recharge. Use this time to do leisure activities. Go off-line for once by switching off your phones and computers. Enjoy the quiet, undisturbed time when you can be yourself. You will return a happier and more relaxed person.

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