What Harms Do the Excessive Exercises Have

According to an insurance company statistics on 6000 deceased athletes, the average life expectancy of the athletes is only 50 years old, most of which is caused by excessive movement.


Moreover, according to a study about 2,300 athletes participating in the 1998 Los Angeles Marathon, we found that about 14% of the athletes fall ill after the game, which is 5 times higher than the people who only receive the training but not participate in the game. The study also found that, compared to the runners whose intensity of training per week is less than 32 kilometers, the athletes whose intensity of training per week more than 100 kilometers may have more likelihood to suffer from diseases.


Furthermore, the French fitness expert Ken Kubo who invented “aerobics” said once the movement exceeds the limit of “diminishing returns”, the body’s immune system will be damaged, and lose the ability to resist a variety of infectious and non-infectious diseases, because intense movement will wear human organs. The experiments show that strenuous exercise can promote the acceleration of body metabolism, make oxygen consumption of the body increase dramatically, and produce large amounts of reactive oxygen species, which makes people easy to aging. In addition, too intense or excessive exercise will also aggravate the wear and tear of some organs of the body and some physiological dysfunction, or even shorten the life span.


In addition, there are plenty of other studies, we found that too many games can make the body organs of blood and oxygen supply lose balance, leading to premature aging, and disrupt the endocrine system, as well as damage to the immune mechanism. At the same time, if your strenuous exercise is too long, not only forces the limbs, muscle compete for oxygen with brain and internal organs, but also contribute to the human metabolism long-term in a strong state, which shortens the human cell division cycle, and accelerates the wear and aging of the organs and tissues of the body, resulting in early termination of life.


In fact, we all hear the truth “things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme.” For sports, we have to do what we are able to do, do not think that only we exercise more, we will be more healthy. In fact, it is not the right idea. Too much movement would bring injury to our body’s organs, which is not worth. Therefore, we just have to do the right amount of exercise in the daily life. The right amount of exercise is neither to harm our body, but also exercise our body.


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