What Foods People Should Eat to Relieve Dry Skins

Do you often feel your skins taut and even have itching and tingling? In autumn, people’s skins tend to become dry and need supplement. Here, I will recommend several foods for people to nourish their skins in dry autumn and winter.


Kelp: Kelp tastes salt, and it is the ideal detoxification food to reduce phlegm, diminish inflammation, relieve asthma, detoxify and solve constipation. When the iodine in kelp is absorbed by the body, it could promote the expelling of harmful substances, pathological material and inflammatory. Meanwhile, kelp contains sulfated polysaccharide, which can absorb the cholesterol in blood vessels and excrete it out of body. So, it is suitable to relieve diseases caused by swelling goiter and iodine deficiency, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, drug toxicity and edema.


Honey: Honey is sweet and it is always the best nutrition to nourish body and expel toxins. It has a significant effect in smoothing lungs, relieving cough and expelling toxins. The main components of honey are glucose and fructose (occupy 65% to 80%), and they are easy to be absorbed by the body. In addition, honey also contains many essential amino acids, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, iron, phosphorus and so on. Drinking honey water frequently is very effective in preventing cardiovascular disease and neurasthenia.


Milk: Many people think that drinking milk in autumn will make the inflammation worse than before. In fact, milk could detoxify the dryness and ease the inflammation. In addition, milk contains more than 70% water, so it could supplement the water body loses by sweating. However, people should remember not to freeze the milk into ice to eat; otherwise many nutrients will be destroyed.


Cucumber: Cucumber has significant effects in clearing heat, detoxicating and quenching thirst. Cucumber is rich in propyl alcohol, diacid, cucurbitacin, O-fiber and other components, so it is a rare detoxification food. Cucumber acid can promote the body’s metabolism and detoxify; its vitamin C content is five times higher than the watermelon, so it can whiten the skin, maintain elasticity and inhibit melanin formation. Moreover, cucumber can inhibit carbohydrate transferring into fat and do good to lung, stomach, heart, liver and excretory system.


What’s more, the balanced diet structure is very important. People could also adjust their recipes according to their own situations and what nutrients they are lack of.


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