What Can We Do to Prevent Frostbite in the Winter

The weather of winter is too cold, so the people are very prone to appear frostbite; especially the people living in the north, if they do not warm themselves, they are easy to have frostbite. In fact, the hazards of frostbite are large, if we are not careful to have frostbite, we must be timely to find ways for treatment. In fact, frostbite can still be prevented. Then how can we prevent frostbite in winter?


If you suffer from frostbite, do not roast on the fire or soak in the hot water, so as not to avoid appearing injury because the frostbite parts lose consciousness. You are best to massage them for some time at room temperature, making the frostbite part returns to warm naturally. In the folk, people use the water with orange peel to scrub the frostbite site, and it is very good for the treatment of mild frostbite. Moreover, skin care should start from the bath. In winter, dermatologists and beauticians suggest reduce bathing times, because in the winter, skin is relatively dry, reduces the chance of sweat, but also is less likely to become dirty, and the frequent number of bathing will cause dry skin, relaxation, and even appear itching. For the people who must take a bath, they can adopt a local cleaning, or take a milk bath to clean body every two days.


However, the first step to maintain the skin should be from the details of bath. Most people cannot take a cold bath in this cold weather, so in the winter, to take a hot bath is a great enjoyment. To take a hot bath can promote metabolism, which is also helpful to sooth the nerves and blood circulation. Well, appropriate temperature should not exceed 5 °C over our body temperature; 39 to 42 °C is the most appropriate. If the water temperature exceeds 45 °C, it is too high, due to the high temperature bath, it will produce strong force to clean oil, but this will make the surface cells injured.


Furthermore, after a bath or shower, you are best to use warm and cold water to wash quickly again, or use cold towel to wipe the body, which can stimulate the pores, sweat glands, nerves and the smooth flow of blood, so you are also more difficult to catch cold. If you do not use warm and cold water to wash again, but put on your clothes, although this is comfortable, your pores will become large for a long time, so that the skin will become relax. Because after bathing, the pores are diastolic, without timely contraction of the training, it is likely to cause the recession of function.


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