What Can Parents Do to Prevent the Colds of Children

When the young children catch colds, parents will be very worried; because of the various organs of the early childhood development is not yet completely, after a cold, they are very easy to be infected by the germs. Therefore, to prevent early childhood flu is a very noteworthy problem. Now experts will introduce you how to do good job of early childhood care.


First, parents should increase the opportunity and time of outdoor activities for young children. The survey results show that the children with more opportunities will have fewer diseases than the children with small outdoor activities. Second, the clothing should be appropriate. Do not suddenly increase the clothes or decrease the clothes. However, some parents are worried about the children would catch cold, so they often allow the children wear too thick, as the results, it is often counterproductive, children are easier to catch a cold.


Third, children should eat a good breakfast. Parents should provide your children with a rich breakfast, so that their body can produce enough heat, to increase the ability to keep out the cold. Fourth, before having meals, or eating foods, you must remind your children wash their hands. When you take foods for your children, you should not use bared hands to carry, to strictly prevent the cold spread by foods. Fifth, you should try to keep the room temperature relatively constant. If the indoor temperature change is large, it can increase the chances of children suffering from colds.


Sixth, after the children catch a cold, you should take some measures. For example, this time you should immediately take your children to warm room, at the same time, you can give them to drink hot tea or hot soup, as well as hot milk, and drinking hot ginger soup is better. Seventh, if there are cold patients at home, they should be isolated at home immediately; moreover, you should not allow this patient to contact with children directly, especially they cannot sit face to face, nor sleep in a same bed.


Eighth, if there are cold patients in the nursery, they should be isolated. If there are children with colds, they cannot continue to go to the nursery. If there are more children appearing cold, the stuff should do the necessary air disinfection to the child’s activities, and open the windows to ventilate as well as expose the bedding to the sun. In addition, when colds are popular, parents should not frequently take your children to go out.


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