What are users saying for the best free Movie Converter for Mac

“So fare the program is great, so easy for me to use. I am not that PC savvy so any program which makes things simple and easy is what I look for. Once I use it more, will be happy to give some constructive feedback. Thus far all good. Thanks and regards []Have a nice day”

“Just started to use the program… so, not much feed back on use of the program. As for downloading… you might want to add some suggested tips to your confirmation letter. I had a lot of problems installing the program but your support people were fantastic. We were able to fix the problem after 3-4 emails. It turned out to be that I must have downloaded the original free trial from download.com, not directly from your site. So a message to that effect would be beneficial, as well the four listed suggestions from your support (see below).

Plus, I was using Mozilla as my internet browser not Internet Explorer and this caused problems with the download of the key I was sent. Every time I single or double clicked on the key while using Mozilla, I got a message (see below) but no program. As soon as I used Internet Explorer, it worked perfectly.”
Rick Leach

“Amazing program, I love it. Videos are very high quality. I’ve always hated this file type, but this made them work. Thank you.”

“Eve got the new key you sent her. She loves Total Movie Converter as much as I do and I just gotta say this level of personalized product support is pretty rare on the internet these days. Ive tried other programs over the years but TMC is the only one where you just have to go click, click and it converts! Never mind the fact that ALL the rest choke on .m2vs.”
Thanks, David K

“Thanks for the nice tool. Have no suggestions now, it works as advertised.”
Peter Campos

“I don’t see your page, I bought the software in another page, but I tell you, your attention was great and fast, congratulation!!! When I need to buy another software I can tell you, I would go to your page.”

“I am downloading from the Web movies made during the days of the GDR and putting them on DVDs. I completed one such project so far, using lorgsoftMovieConverter, and the result seems fine.”

IOrgsoft Movie Converter for Mac is an extremely powerful program that packs two robust applications: video converter and DVD ripper into a single one program. With it, not only popular video formats like AVI, WMV, MPG, MP4, MOV, VOB, FLV, 3GP, MKV etc can be converted to iMovie accepted file formats, but also rip DVD content and convert to iMovie DV, HDV, MPEG-4, MPEG-2 and MOV files. Besides, it can also extract audio track from video or DVD and export as MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC, AAC audio files.

Mac Movie Editor also provides built-in editing functions that can help you make your personalized videos according to your specific requirements. You can trim, crop, effect and merge videos in order to select the correct part to edit. In order to get a better quality rendering, you can also tweak the output parameters like Resolution, Frame Rate, Encoder and Bitrate for video and Sample Rate, Channel, Encoder and Bitrate for audio. To get timely knowledge about editing, you can preview the changes during the process in the previewing window.

Movie Converter Mac is more than a wonderful video player and video converter, it is also an excellent video editor that assists you in editing your video files personally. With it, you can crop, trim your video files, add special effect to the video files, set the output parameters for the video files, merge several video files into a big one or split a video file into several smaller ones. Besides, you can also import several files with the same file format or different file formats for converting at the same as batch process is supported. Furthermore, if you want to see the whole conversion process, the preview window on the left is also available.


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