What Are the Hazards of Smoking for Human

Smoking is the great public hazard in recent world, and the health, life, economic and social losses caused by it are too numerous to mention. According to national research studied, per one dollar of cigarette tax revenue has 1.2 to 1.4 dollars of consequential loss. Therefore, if there is 2.000 billion of cigarette tax revenue, it would mean the loss of 2400 to 2800 billion dollars. In terms of the huge economic losses, despite it let us heartbreaking, but it is ultimately limited. However, smoking brought disease, pain, premature death, mental torture and part for ever not only cannot calculate but let people really painfully heartbreaking.


As one of the German scientists criticized that certain western great country exported cigarettes to some poor countries in Africa or Asia, and he said: “Who exports death to poor countries are world-class criminals.” Because the government of this country calls on the people in the country not smoking in order to health, make the crowd smoking rates decline year by year, but supply a large number of subsidies to the tobacco companies, and encourage the distribution of cigarettes to poor countries, so that people of poor countries may die soon, and wealthy country earns much money, and export death.


However, a president of multinational tobacco company said very frankly: “We produce cigarettes, but not smoking. The cigarettes are produced for the poor and ignorant people.” Moreover, a cool guy who makes advertising for tobacco companies died of lung cancer when he was 51 years old. Before dying, he was tearful to say out his repentance: “I have worked for tobacco companies for a lifetime; I harm myself and you, I regret; so I remind you, it is not worth to spending money in cigarette; it is more not worth to be dead for cigarettes; therefore, please do not smoke.”


Although there are so many hazards of cigarettes, there are still so many people who are addicted to smoking. As we know, it has been recognized that smoking can cause cancer. Epidemiological surveys show that smoking is one of the important pathogenic factors for lung cancer. The risk of lung cancer in smokers is 13 times higher than the non-smokers; if you smoke more than 35 branches or more every day, the risk is 45 times higher than the non-smokers. In short, the lung cancer death rate of smokers is 10 to 13 times higher than non-smokers. And approximately 85% of deaths for lung cancer are caused by smoking.


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