Wearable Android: Next Big Thing!

With Google’s Glass making the headlines all over the world, we can predict the future of mobile technology. Future holds a lot for technology enthusiasts throughout the world. The new technology used by Google is called Wearable Technology.

Can We Wear a Technology?

Of course yes! As a matter of fact we have been doing that for so long. The simplest example is a calculator watch. It is a technological device that can be worn. But we never though this way, Did we? Lets us start by defining Wearable Technology. It is a cloth or accessory incorporating computer or advanced electronics that can be worn as a cloth, embed into body parts as a microchip or tied as a wrist watch.

Google with its Glass Development Kit (GDK) named Google Glass has be able to make the first breakthrough in this technology. What’s more interesting is the level of freedom this “eyewear” can give you. A beautiful combination of state-of-art hardware and fluidic software has made it a huge success even before its official release.

What’s in it for Android Developers?

Android, owned by Google has to be the top choice when it comes to finding an OS for its “Wearable Glass”. There are several other reasons for Android being the leader OS in Smartphone market. This article is intended to find out what exactly Google Glass has in its kitty for Android app developers. The level of excitement amongst these developers can be inferred from the fact that many of these developers including various Android apps development firms have already started creating apps for this glass-augmented-reality eyewear.

Even Google Inc. is encouraging developers to start doing so as they don’t want app maker to wait for the release. This way both the developers and Glass will benefit from each other. The developers will be the earliest to develop apps for Google Glass thus will have first mover advantage over other developers. And Google Glass will be launched with a lot of pre-developed applications for enhance user-experience.

Although we don’t have all the tools necessary to design apps for Glass, Android SKD (API Level 15) helps you develop and try new ideas for the time being. Google Glass presents a perfect hardware including the accelerometer, G-Sensor, proximity sensor, etc that can support almost any app. In fact, a number of firms and developers have already released Glass apps ahead of the GDK’s launch.

Various big brands, for instance The New York Times has app that pushes breaking news alerts and hourly updates, e-commerce brand Fancy has a app that enables its user to take photos of objects around them and find matching products online through Glass (which otherwise looks like a wearable sci-fi gadget). Evernote also has released first version of its cloud-storage service for Glass. Various social media services like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Path, etc. have already been launched for Glass.

Though, it might look as a technology of tomorrow but it is approaching us really fast. Presenting enormous opportunities to android developers, Google Glass really is the next big thing!

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