We Certainly Hope That Diablo 3 Can Make Players Feel Funny As Much As Possible

Everyone has his own Diablo 3, and perhaps the current game does not match with the expectation what some players are looking for, and perhaps some of the players feel that the game is not so fun. This Blizzard community manager gives advice–take a break and then come back is a good idea. More new content and improvements will be added in Diablo 3 in the future. At that time, players can experience, and the game will become more interesting.


In conclusion, if the data does not provide a similar piece in other Blizzard games custom / stand-alone mode, or remove the auction house, I would never buy it.


We certainly hope that Diablo 3 can make players feel funny as much as possible, but if you think the current game play boring, then maybe you could try taking some time off, then come back to see the game you want to appear has not been improved.


Also, if you are not sure whether the piece of information will provide you with interesting content, you may be able to decide whether to buy before the next view other information about the game, such as Outlook or game live video.


What are your objections to it?


My intention is not to become your opponent or cause a controversy, so I did not try to oppose or negate your thoughts.


Before I want to express it, is that if you think the current Diablo 3 is not fun, then maybe take some time for you is a good idea, and then come back to see new content added, adjusted and improved game is becomes more interesting.


I understand Diablo 3 did not match with the games what some people think. They suspect Diablo 3’s development is also very natural behavior in the future. Also, if you really think we are deceiving you, you no longer believe that we are talking about the future of the game you want to improve. It means that no matter what we do, we cannot convince you. In this case, I personally feel that time is your best partner, because only time will tell you that Diablo 3 will become one of your favorite games.



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