We Buy Home As Is Investors Help Distressed Property Owners

A distressed owner’s property may linger on the market and remain unsold for weeks, and sometimes, for several months before an interested party shows up and offers a price. And, if your house is in a ramshackle state, the sale price will be much lower than you are expecting. If your dwelling has an unkempt front garden, damaged floor tiles, faded paint on the bedroom walls, leaking water pipes, or similar problems, it’s evident that your house will sit on the real estate market for a long time. However, you will find property investors with placards screaming out, ‘we buy home As Is’. Yes, these are the house selling companies that you must opt for. Else, your ugly dwelling has no possibilities of a quick sale against new and well-maintained villas, family abodes, or apartments.

If you are a resident of the District of Columbia, Virginia, or Maryland, and need to sell your dilapidated property fast and get hard cash, then companies advertising, ‘we buy home’ are the ones that you should look for. Whatever might be the problem, be it missed mortgage payments, foreclosure, or your family villa lingering on the real estate market for too long owing to major repairs and renovation, fast property buyers will come up with a competitive cash offer within 48 hours!

No More Worries if Your House is in a Bad Shape!

It’s not always late payments or foreclosures that make you sell your property fast. Your family cottage might be sitting on the market for 6-7 months. It is lingering simply because, as a home owner, you are incapable of sinking your money into renovation and repairs. The property is not getting the price it deserves because it needs serious repairs and remodeling. If your home needs thorough cleaning and renovation to make it suitable for sale, it will cost you at least $4000-$5000. Quick house buyers in Virgina, District of Columbia, and Maryland will take care of all repairs and so you are not required to spend on account of renovation. Moreover, these investors will neither charge 6 percent real estate commissions (as traditional agents do) nor ask for any fees.

The greatest benefit is that these companies sell any types of homes – be it large family villas, small cottages, apartments, condos, or townhouses.

Do Not Worry If You are Falling Behind on Mortgage Payments

Once you fall behind on Mortgage payments, it’s really difficult to make up for it. For instance, if you are unable to make timely payments for the last 3 months, demand letters will pop up in your mailbox. And, if the house is in bad shape, it will add up to the late payments. And, if the trend of late payments continues, it will eventually lead to foreclosure. This is when companies saying ‘we buy home As Is’ will come to the rescue of distressed house owners. Once you fill their online form, they will make a cash offer within 48 hours.

Once the sale is made, you get the cash, you are able to clear the payments and improve your credit score. This way, you can save your house from a foreclosure.

About the author:

June Faith is not a real estate agent or house buyer but she is familiar with some reliable we buy houses companies offering express house buying services. There are many such companies available saying we buy houses fast but finding the right company is the biggest thing.

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