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Watch Jack Reacher streaming free Please be warned – this is not really faithful to the book, and it is certainly not faithful to the character of Reacher. As a film it’s okay – formulaic, no surprises, passes two hours that would have passed anyway. Unfortunately this films comes with a ton of expectations from people who loved the books.

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Watch Jack Reacher full length movie The first problem is with Tom Cruise – he is not physically imposing enough to play Reacher (who is 6’5”). Acting well (and he does) isn’t a substitute. And then there is a scene when he has the drop on the principle killer – and he throws down his gun to have a good old-fashioned fist fight. This is SO contrary to the Reacher in the books who views killing as simply a job to do – and to be done as quickly and easily as possible.

Watch Jack Reacher online free He would simply have shot the guy. Putting down a perfectly good gun is something the real Jack Reacher would never do. What was Christopher McQuarrie thinking?

Watch Jack Reacher free movie full online It was a great thing someone took me to this movie, because it is not worth the ten dollar ticket. I found the plot to be very redundant and dried out, it seemed to be a movie I had seen before. Jack Reacher as a character seemed alright, he wasn’t a God figure— that’s the best part about it.

movie2k.to Jack Reacher watch free movie Yet, Tom Cruise’s portrayal wasn’t praise worthy, and it wasn’t bad at the same time. The best way I can describe it is that he was there. Much like a quote from Drake and Josh, “What’s acting— You show up, say some stuff, and go home.” When I see a movie… I don’t want the main character to just be there. I’m probably not the only one.

Watch Jack Reacher megavideo The lawyer, investigator, or whatever the blonde was… She was just plain annoying. I wanted her to just have a breakdown and tell Jack that she could handle it by herself. Seriously. Grow some.

There were some good parts, but I found myself dozing. After reading there is a book series, I can probably say I’m not receiving the full experience. Overall, this movie is one I’d buy in the discount bin in Walmart, or watch on TNT on a Saturday morning.

Watch Jack Reacher putlocker So what if you may not like Tom Cruise in his personal life. But there is no denying him as a great actor and producer as well.

He plays the title character, a ghost homicide investigator who used to be an Army MP. Who gets hired by the would be suspect who gunned down five people in Pa sniper like.

As he is tough, relentless of the truth but also has a soft side as well. He works for the daughter-defense lawyer(Rosamund Pike) of the DA(great character actor, Richard Jenkins). And an wily cop named Emerson(David Oyelowo). As the sniper used to serve in the Army like Reacher.

Jack Reacher torrent full download links What looks like a random killing is much more than even an expert like Reacher can bargain for. As he needs a lot more help than he felt he could do it by himself and with the Pike character. As it seems to be a conspiracy after a would be “normal” bar fight turns out to try to get him out of the way…You Don’t Mess With Reacher at all!! That is why he brings in a former USMC gunnery sergeant(Oscar winner Robert Duvall) as he nows owns a shooting range in OH. As Duvall realizes and looks through the “phony name” Reacher gave him after they meet. After proving his skills on the range, Cruise lets Duvall in on the action at the end.

Watch Jack Reacher full movie free links Not just an action film but also a great mystery and whodunit suspense. Cruise is great and gives his usual great performance. But Duvall has only a brief time in the film, at least 15 minutes and steals the movie. And wished that he had more time.

Chemistry between Cruise and Pike hints on romance but nothing ever comes of it. But still a great action and mystery in-between movie.

Jack Reacher watch free Jack Reacher promises a lot. A bunch of civilians get shot. Cops arrest a suspect within hours based on evidence in the crime scene. Suspect doesn’t talk but just sets the stage for the seemingly you-can’t-find-me-unless-I-want-to-find-you hero to walk in to the case. What happens next forms the rest of the story. What is the motive behind the murders? Did the cops arrest the right suspect? Does the defense attorney have a hidden agenda?

Watch Jack Reacher online Tom Cruise sleepwalks through his role. Casting is just perfect. There are enough sub-plots to engage the viewer throughout. But in the end you are left wondering if makers failed to capitalize on a great opportunity.

Watching Jack Reacher for free full streaming Saw JACK REACHER on Monday night at an advance screening. Here’s some of my thoughts. There are no spoilers.

First off, I’d say I agree with the general critical reception: 4/5 stars. To me that means it’s a solid movie that delivers at the high end of its genre. JACK REACHER isn’t trying to be anything revolutionary, it’s more the kind of action thriller audiences haven’t seen for a while.

Watch Jack Reacher full movie This isn’t MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE or even James Bond. Writer/director Christopher McQuarrie takes his inspiration from action movies of the late 60s/early 70s like DIRTY HARRY (which has been name checked in a couple reviews already), BULLITT (for the car chase); and maybe another Don Siegel movie, CHARLEY VARRICK. The excitement here doesn’t come from over the top stunts or huge explosions. Like the action movies just referenced, you thrill to watching a strongly defined protagonist outsmart, outfight and outmaneuver the bad guys.

letmewatchthis Jack Reacher online for free full movie Jack Reacher is a great movie with a good story line,a terrific cast,and plenty of action and even some funny scenes.The role of Jack Reacher was very different for Tom Cruise,the movie is fairly similar,but usually his characters are genuinely nice,but Reacher was a very mean and offensive character,who was very suspicious and probably should have been arrested many times.Rosamund Pike also did an impressive job as Helen,the lawyer defending the main case in the movie.

Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) digs deeply in to a case revolving around a military sniper who shot and killed five innocent people.

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