Want the best-case scenario? Get massage insurance coverage

In life, you want the best. As a professional massage therapist, you want the best outcomes for your clients. You want to create the best work environment within your business budget, complete with the best quality materials for your practice. You also want the best massage insurance coverage to protect you, your business, and your clients.


In creating the best-case scenario for your business, finding the best massage insurance coverage is a vital action. A massage insurance policy should be designed and priced specifically for you, the professional massage therapist. When you purchase the best massage therapist insurance policy, you will be proactively intending for the best-case scenario if an unexpected accident or injury should occur within your practice.


High-quality massage insurance coverage will protect you in the event that someone has some kind an accident on the property of your massage studio or inside the session room. For this kind of coverage, make sure that general liability insurance is included within your massage insurance coverage policy.


Massage insurance will also cover you if a client claims damage or injury due to something that occurred during the session. Even if the client is erroneous in the claim, the best-case scenario is that your massage insurance coverage will provide the financial resources necessary to engage the legal process. This type of insurance, called malpractice liability insurance is also known as professional liability insurance. While you search for the best massage insurance policy, look for one that includes both professional and general liability insurance.


Another type of legal claim you might encounter, and for which you will want the best possible outcome, is a product liability claim. If the massage oil you use causes an allergic reaction, or a hot stone treatment causes an unexpected injury, product liability insurance is the type of coverage that you need.


The best-case scenario is that you’ll secure massage insurance coverage and enjoy never having to use it, of course, but in the event that you do, make sure you have taken the time to find best coverage for your money. Fortunately, massage therapists insurance tends to be priced in accordance with the fairly low level of risk associated with being a touch therapist. For this reason, you should be able to secure quality massage therapy liability insurance for less than a couple hundred dollars per year.

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