Vinyl Banners – The Innovative Ones

In today’s world of technology, everything is changing with the introduction of latest innovation. Such an amazing innovation in the world of marketing is that of the vinyl. Banners are made from vinyl for the purpose of advertising and promotion in almost every kind of business and company. These banners have gained a lot of popularity in the form of outdoor advertising. With the introduction of new technology each day, now banners can be digitally printed with the help of large format inkjet printers that has the capability of printing full size billboard on a large single material.

Vinyl is basically natural but is a synthetically man made material. It is actually a kind of plastic that comprises of two raw materials namely, chlorine that is found in natural salt and the other one is ethylene that is commonly found in crude oil. Both on processing are combined together to form polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin popularly known as Vinyl.

Vinyl is the most durable, easily manufactured and the cheapest material available out of which vinyl banner can be produced. It has certain characteristics such as moisture resistance, humidity resistance, can be produced solid, transparent, and comes in a wide range of colors. It often comes in three types i.e. Reflective Vinyl, Translucent Vinyl, Fluorescent Vinyl and Paint Mask. However, one of the best things about vinyl is that it can be recycled and hence, is completely environment friendly. Because of the popularity of vinyl, it has now become the second most manufactured plastic that is sold in the entire world. Depending upon the different needs of business, vinyl banners often comes in different forms such as digitally printed banners that are printed with the help of aqueous (water based), various solvent-based inks and eco solvent. These agents contain certain durable pigments that actually provide vinyl the weather and UV fading resistance. There are companies that print extremely large vinyl banners on the demand of business companies for promoting their products.

The second type of vinyl banner is vinyl-lettered banners. These are produced with the help of vinyl cutter that is controlled by computer and where individual elements are cut from the self-adhesive vinyl. There are screen-printing vinyl banners that are manufactured by making use of screen printing where one color at a time are put on to the surface by using the screen that consist of an imaged pencil from which the screen printing ink actually passes. The last type of vinyl banner is the painted vinyl banner where lettering graphics are hand painted. These are however, the most uncommon one as new technologies have been introduced into the market.

It has multiple uses such as often used in making billboards, banners, trade show banners, exhibition banners, street banners, stadium flags, logo of companies, billboards, exhibition banners, and birthday banners. Thus, vinyl banners can be made for almost every kind of occasion, purpose, and for marketing and promotional purpose.

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