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“By Jupiter, it was the other girl, though! “I sprang back in horror. The girl looked at me for a moment. Then she blushed; then she frowned; then–why, then she began to laugh consumedly. I was amazed. “`”At last,” you call it,’ she gasped. `I call it tiffany jewelry “at first”‘; and she laughed merrily and melodiously. She certainly had a nice laugh, that girl. “Now, concerning what follows, I have, since then, entertained some doubts whether I behaved in all respects discreetly. You will allow that the position was a difficult one, but it is, I admit, very possible that my wisest course would have been to make an apology and turn tail as quickly as I could. Well, I didn Tiffany co ‘t. I thought that I tiffany discount jewellery owed the lady a full explanation. Besides, I wanted a full explanation myself. Finally (oh, yes, I see you fellows grinning and winking), Mary was not there, and this young lady rather interested me. I decided that I would have five minutes’ talk with her; then I would run back and find Mary. “`I must beg a thousand pardons,’ I began, `but I real tiffany jewelry on sale took you for somebody else.” “`Oh, of course,’ said she, with a shrug, `it’s always that.’ “`You appear incredulous,’ said I, rather offended. “`Well, and if I am?’ said she. “My feelings were hurt. I produced Mary’s second note. “`If I can trust to your discretion, I’ll prove what I say,’ I remarked in a nettled tone. FRIVOLOUS CUPID 20 “`I shall be very curious to hear the proof, sir, and I will be most discreet,’ she said. She was pouting, but her eyes danced. Really, she looked very pretty–although, of course, I would not for a moment compare her with Lady Mary. “`A lady,’ said I, `was so kind as to tell me to seek her here this morning.’ “`Oh, as if I believed that!’ “I was piqued. “`There’s the proof,’ I cried, flinging the note into her lap. “She took it up, glanced at it, and gave a little shriek. “`Where did you get this?’ “`Why, from the head waiter.’ “`Oh, the fool!’ she cried. `It’s mine.’ “`Yours? nonsense! He gave me that and another last night.’ “`Oh, the stupidity! They were for–they were not for you. They were for–someone who is to arrive.’ “I pointed at the signature and gasped, `M.! Do you sign M.?’ “`Yes; my name’s–my name begins with M. Oh, if I’d only seen that waiter this morning! Oh, the idiot!’ “Then I believe I swore. “`Madame,’ said I, `I’m ruined! No harm is done to you–I’m a man tiffany silver jewelry of honor–but I’m ruined. On the strength of your wretched notes, madame, I’ve cut the girl I love best in the world– cut her dead–dead– dead!’ “`What? That young lady in the—- Oh, you thought they were from her? Oh, I see? How–how–oh, how very amusing!’ And the heartless little wretch went off into another peal of laughter. “`You pretended not to know her! Oh, dear! oh, dear!’ and her laughter echoed among the trees again. `I saw her looking at you, and you ate on like a pig! Oh, dear! oh, dear!’ “`Stop laughing!’ said I savagely. “`Oh, I’m very sorry, but I can’t. What a scrape you’ve go into! Oh, me!’ And she wiped her eyes (they were as blue as her cloak) with a FRIVOLOUS CUPID 21 delicate bit of a handkerchief. “`You shan’t laugh,’ said I. `Who were your notes for?’ “`Somebody I expected. He hasn’t come. The waiter took you for him, I suppose. I never thought of his being so stupid. Oh, what a brute she must have thought you!’ And she began to laugh again. “I had had enough of it. I hate being laughed at. “`If you go on laughing,’ said I, `I’ll kiss you again.’ “The threat was a failure; she did not appear at all alarmed. “`Not you!’ she said, laughing worse than ever. “I should like you fellows to understand that my heart never wavered in its allegiance to Lady Mary–my conscience is quite clear as to that–but I had pledged my word. I caught that tiresome girl round the waist and I kissed her once–I’m sure of once, anyhow. She gasped and struggled, laughing still. Then, with a sudden change of voice, she cried, `Stop’, stop tiffany jewelry !’ “I let her go. I looked round. We had a gallery of spectators. On one side stood the ugly-headed valet; on the other, in attitudes of horror, Mary and Miss Dibbs! “`You’ve ruined us both now,’ said the girl in blue. “I rose to my feet and was about to explain, when the ugly fellow rushed at me, brandishing a cane. I had quite enough to arrange without being bothered by him. I caught the cane in my left hand, and with my right I knocked him down. “Then I walked up to Lady Mary. I took no heed of Miss Dibbs’ presence; it was too critical a moment to think of trifles. “`Lady Mary,’ said I, `appearances are so much against me that you cannot possibly attach the slightest weight to them.’ “`Sir,’ said she, `I have no longer the honor of your acquaintance. I have only to thank you for having had the consideration not to recognize me when we met so unexpectedly in the dining room. Pray continue to show me the same favor.’ “With which pleasant little speech she turned on her heel. It was clear that she suspected me most unjustly. I turned to the girl in blue, but FRIVOLOUS CUPID 22 she was beforehand with me. “`Ah, I wish I’d never see you,’ she cried, `you great, stupid creature! He [she pointed to the prostrate figure of the ugly servant] will tell Frederic everything.’ “`Come,’ said I, `_I_ was only an accident; it would have been just as jewellery store bad if—-’ “As I spoke I heard a step behind me. Turning round, I found myself face to face with the young man with whom I had come in collision as I rushed through the hall. He gazed at the servant–at me–at the girl in blue. “`Margaret!’ he exclaimed, `what is the—-’ “`Hush, hush!’ she whispered, pointing again to the servant. “I stepped up to him, lifting my hat: “`Sir,’ said I, “kindly tiffany and co bracelet inform me if you are the gentleman who was to come from England.’ “`Certainly I come from England,’ he said. “`And you ought to have arrived on Wednesday?’ “`Yes,” he answered. “`Then,’ said I, `all I have to say to you, sir, is–that I wish to the devil tiffany inspired jewelry you’d keep your appointments.’ And I left them. “That’s why I’m not married, boys. Where’s my glass?” “It is a very curious story,” observed the colonel. “And who were they all–the girl in blue–and the young man–and the ugly servant–and Frederic?” “Colonel,” said Jack, with an air of deepest mystery, “you would be astounded to jewellery store hear.” We all pricked up our ears. “But,” he continued, “I am not at liberty to say.” We sank back in our chairs. “Do you know?” asked the colonel, and Jack nodded solemnly. “Out with it!” we cried. “Impossible!” said Jack. “But I may tell you that the matter engaged the attention of more than one of the Foreign Offices of Europe.” FRIVOLOUS CUPID Tiffany Bracelet uk 23 “Good Heavens!” cried we in chorus, and Jack drank off his whisky and water, rose to his feet, and put on his hat. “Poor dear Mary!” said he, as he opened the door. “She never got over it.” The colonel shouted after him: “Then what did she marry Jenkyns of the Blues for?” “Pique!” said Jack, and he shut the door. FRIVOLOUS CUPID 24 CHAPTER III. A CHANGE OF HEART. It was common knowledge that Smugg was engaged to be married. Familiarity had robbed the fact of some of its surprisingness, but there remained a substratum of wonder, not removed even by the sight of his betrothed’s photograph and the information that she was a distant relative who had been brought up with him from infancy. The features and the explanation between them rescued Smugg from the incongruity of a romance, but we united in the opinion that the lady was ill-advised in preferring Smugg to solitude. Still, for all that he was a ridiculous cheapest tiffany uk creature, she did, and hence it happened that Smugg, desiring to man jewelry form a furnishing fund, organized a reading party, which Gayford, Tritton, Bird, and I at once joined. Every morning at nine Smugg, his breakfast finished, cleared his corner of the table, opened his books, and assumed an expectant air; so Mary the maid told us; we were never there ourselves; we breakfasted at 9.30 or 10 o’clock, and only about 11 did we clear our corners, light our pipes, open our books, and discuss the prospects of the day. As we discussed them, Smugg construed in a gentle bleat; what he construed or why he construed it (seeing that nobody heeded him) was a mystery; the whole performance was simply a tribute to Smugg’s

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