Vanuatu Real Estate Listings: Helping You Get the Best!

Port Vila, Vanuatu: obtains comprehensive Vanuatu real estate information on each community in the country with the help of an extensive method of research and a competent team comprising of the top-most real estate agents in the community. The company has a proven track record of representing sellers and buyers of real estate in Vanuatu and ensuring successful and profitable deals.

Vanuatu, officially known as the Republic of Vanuatu, is an island located in Southern Pacific Ocean. The group of islands are located around 1,750 kilometer east of Vanuatu, west of Fiji, north-east of New Caledonia, South east of Solomon Islands and near New Guinea. The islands are of volcanic origin and comprise of about 82 small islands spread over an area of about 1,300 kilometers. The shoreline is extremely rocky with numerous reefs, dropping rapidly in ocean depths.

Mr. Taylor White, developer and owner of, thought of the idea about developing an adept Vanuatu real estate website that would assist its clients in finding the best properties for their needs using the information available at each step on the website. His aim was to make his company a smart partner for all those who are interested in investing in real estate in Vanuatu. According to his vision, the most important features of his new website are:

1. It is possible to register a new user account on the website based on Vanuatu real estate without the need to give out any personal information or credit card numbers. The whole process of registering on the website does not take more than 30 seconds in total. After registering, the user gets free access to a number of great features like free weekly hot sheet and free property alert to ensure that their Vanuatu real estate listing real all potential buyers from around the world.

2. Users of the website can upgrade their basic listings account to featured, premium or exclusive listings at any time to get higher visibility on their Vanuatu real estate listings. The listings uploaded on the website are also available on Vanuatu Craig’s list, Oddle, Zillow, Vast, Back Page, Yahoo Real Estate and Facebook and Twitter pages of International real estate listings.

3. The website also has an international mailer facility helping the Vanuata real estate listings to reach global subscribers who opt to receive these listings from around the world. This guarantees quick disposal of real estate in Vanuatu.

Taylor White is an international real estate investor and leading the charge at International Real Estate Listings the worldwide leader in Vanuatu real estate and Vanuatu real estate listings. Vanuatu real estate owners, agents, and developers are encouraged to create an account, upload an unlimited number of listings, write as much creative property details, include a You Tube property video, and it will be activated as a basic listing for 6 months, free.

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