User Friendly Post Hole Digger – Equipment For Every Occasion

The size of the pole hole digger you need to use will depend on the project at hand. However, some pole hole digger are used to help in various household projects such as constructing a small gazebo or a small playhouse for the kids.

The materials that you need for digging holes include the post hole digger itself, a hammer, a garden hose and a rebar. You can begin with using the hammer to pound in the rebar and create a pathway for the water.
Once you have defined a pathway for the water flow, you can now soften the ground by wetting it using the garden hose. Wait until the soil seeps all the water in and the ground becomes moist but not too dry.

hole digger

Get the pole hole digger. With its jaws open, drop the hole digger to the ground and let it make its way to the soil. Be sure that the jaws are open since this will cut through the soil and let the whole hole digger pass through. The jaws also helps in softening the ground for an easier removal of the hole digger. Using your weight, make the hole digger go deeper. Create a circling pattern around the edge of the hole to loosen up the surrounding soil area.

Once you have loosened up the soil, you can now drop the hole digger using your full force. You can also open up the handles to enable the jaws to dig up a bit of the soil which you can lift out when you take out the digger. When you have achieved your desired depth and if the hole is at least one foot in diameter, you can now take out the hole digger.

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